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The final rule: trial data to be made public in a 'change of business as usual'

The Obama administration recently finalized new rules that require researchers to make trial data public.

IDT Biologika: trends and demand in first year of US-based contract manufacturing operations

In its first year of operations, IDT Biologika’s contract manufacturing facility in Rockville, Maryland has experienced rapid growth, which it expects to continue as construction carries on.

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Crown Bio launches new feature for XenoBase in vitro models

Crown Bioscience has published an updated version of its XenoBase, an online database collating cell line and cell line derived xenograft model data.

The riskiest drugs to develop? Diabetes treatments, says Tufts report

While the demand for new diabetes therapies grows, the development of endocrine drugs is riskier than all other drug development, according to a study conducted by Tufts.

Survey: 97% plan to use digital health tech in trials over next five years

Digital health devices are increasingly being used by the industry to collect patient-generated data in clinical trials – and adoption is expected to continue.

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