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Vendors optimistic for future despite slowdown in growth

Bioprocessing suppliers have recently expressed optimism in the sector despite a slowdown in growth, and one expert believes this will drive investment in new tech and markets.


ScinoPharm showcases water treatment tech at Baxdela API plant

ScinoPharm has emphasised its compliance with waste water treatment rules, weeks after being contracted to supply API for Melinta Therapeutics’ antibiotic Baxdela.

Of mice and human biology: when promising preclinical candidates fail in clinical trials

Researchers have developed and tested a method to determine how relevant mouse models are to human disease to better enable comparison of pharmacological targets across species.

CRO market: backlog growth ‘pretty remarkable,’ says analyst

Contract research organization (CRO) earnings reports have been filing in over the past few weeks – and as a group, performance was positive following concerns around slowing outsourcing trends.

ImmunoPrecise acquisition boosts antibody service

ImmunoPrecise Antibodies has acquired U-Protein Express, enabling it to offer microgram quantities of engineered antibodies to clients.

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