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Eastern outsourcing to rise, says report

31-Aug-2005 - The cost-effective benefits and research standards set to become international has added to the attraction of outsourcing R&D to India and China - two developing nations that are set to...

GSK IT outsourcing contract reflects trend

30-Aug-2005 - Affiliated Computer Services (ACS), announced today that it has been awarded an additional information technology (IT) outsourcing contract with GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), valued at $100.5 million (€82 million) over five years.

Peakdale launches latest GPCR library

09-Aug-2005 - Peakdale Molecular launches its latest G-Protein Coupled Receptor (GPCR) library, specifically designed to synthesise and characterise for screening against aminergic GPCR targets.

Biofocus extends Organon collaboration

08-Aug-2005 - BioFocus and Organon have announced they are to embark on the second phase of collaborative projects involving key GPCR targets for therapeutic applications and drug discovery.

Melbourn Scientific launches pharmacopeia test facility

02-Aug-2005 - Melbourn Scientific is to launch a new pharmacopeial test facility providing a range of contract analytical services to the pharmaceutical industry. The move comes in response to market demand.

Charles River quarterly net profit down on charges

01-Aug-2005 - Charles River Laboratories saw a double digit boost in fiscal second quarter revenues with a leap in operating earnings, helped by its acquisition of Inveresk Research Group, and also to...

Labcyte raises $21 million in financing round

27-Jul-2005 - Labcyte has announced that it has closed its latest round of financing in which $21 milllion was raised. The funds will be used to expand its low-volume liquid handling business...

Pfizer harnesses Indian IT strength

22-Jul-2005 - Pfizer has revealed that it is set to outsource some of its technology jobs to India, harnessing the country's IT infrastructure to focus more on clinical trial and other R&D-related...

VWR expands in Europe with TSL buy

18-Jul-2005 - US-based laboratory equipment specialist VWR International has boosted its presence in Europe via the acquisition of Technical Service Lab, a Dutch calibration and validation company.

Proteus offers services to 3rd parties

12-Jul-2005 - French biotechnology company Proteus is launching a business unit to provide protein engineering and production services for the life science industry.

Millipore expands in contract micro testing

06-Jul-2005 - Millipore has bolstered its position in the contract testing business with the acquisition of a Dutch contract laboratory.

Clinical Data acquires Genaissance

23-Jun-2005 - Clinical Data is to acquire Genaissance Pharmaceuticals in a deal worth $56 million (€46.3 million). The merger allows Clinical Data to add pharmacogenomic diagnostics and tools to its burgeoning portfolio...

Delphi Med, AB enter outsourcing deal

15-Jun-2005 - Delphi Medical Systems Corporation has entered into an outsourcing contract with Applied Biosystems in a move that adds a life science instrumentation manufacturing facility to its operations portfolio.

Agilent opens Shanghai science training centre

16-May-2005 - Agilent Technologies is to open a new Life Sciences and Chemical Analysis (LSCA) technical training centre in Shanghai in a move that reflects the current trend for biotech companies to...

PANalytical opens Chinese laboratory

04-May-2005 - PANalytical, a supplier of analytical instrumentation and software for X-ray diffraction and X-ray fluorescence spectrometry, has expanded ibnto Asia with the opening of a Regional Application Laboratory in Shanghai, China.

Charles River 1Q reflects outsourcing trend

04-May-2005 - Charles River Laboratories saw a double-digit boost in fiscal first quarter revenues reflecting a jump in operating earnings, helped by its acquisition of Inveresk Research Group and the emerging trend...

Xantos, NascaCell and PSF collaborate on drug discovery project

18-Apr-2005 - Xantos Biomedicine, NascaCell and PSF biotech have announced the formation of a collaboration, which is set to identify and develop new drugs for the inhibition of tumour angiogenesis, a process...

Lab supply firm VWR expands into pharma hubs

05-Apr-2005 - Laboratory equipment supplier VWR International - recently sold by Germany's Merck KGaA - has expanded in Ireland and Puerto Rico, both hotbeds of the pharmaceutical manufacturing sector, via the acquisition...

Sanofi awarded flu vaccine development contract

04-Apr-2005 - Sanofi-Aventis subsidiary Sanofi Pasteur, has been awarded a $97m (€75m) contract to accelerate the production process for new cell culture influenza vaccines in the US and the design of a...

Euroscreen awarded HTS method patent

31-Mar-2005 - Euroscreen has announced it has been issued with a US patent, which relates to a high-throughput screening method of modulators for any GPCR, calcium-coupled channel or protein.

Niro extends drying test centre for pharma

02-Mar-2005 - Denmark-headquartered Niro is finalizing a €10 million investment programme centred on the expansion of its drying test site, located at its main facility in Copenhagen, that will extend its reach...

Pharmacogenomics to replace pharma's business model

28-Feb-2005 - Pharmacogenomics will alter the balance of power in the way drugs are developed, tested, marketed and prescribed during the next decade, and the blockbuster business model of big pharmaceutical companies...

New HT service accelerates cellular target screening

16-Feb-2005 - A new high throughput ion channel screening service has been launched by BioFocus, which will allow pharmaceutical companies to pre-screen libraries against defined cell lines, identifying target compounds and limiting...

Qiagen launches siRNA design service

04-Feb-2005 - Qiagen launches a unique siRNA design service that provides a guarantee that at least 50 per cent of the siRNAs produced will result in efficient knockdown to the researcher's specific requirements.

Genaissance service a potential 'life saver'

01-Feb-2005 - Genaissance Pharmaceuticals expansion of its genetic testing service comes after it was revealed there are over 50 approved drugs which prolong the QT interval potentially causing cardiac arrythmias and safety...

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