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Where’s the Brexit? UK clinical research industry charts path ahead of EU withdrawal

Melissa Fassbender

By Melissa Fassbender

Last updated on 28-Apr-2017 at 10:42 GMT2017-04-28T10:42:30Z

Clinical research professionals look to prepare for post-Brexit challenges. (Image: iStock/lumyaisweet)
Clinical research professionals look to prepare for post-Brexit challenges. (Image: iStock/lumyaisweet)

Industry leaders gathered at an Emergency Summit Meeting to discuss the implications of Brexit and the future of clinical research in the UK.

IAOCR, an accrediting organization for the international clinical research industry, called the meeting to identify preparatory action ahead of the UK’s departure from the European Union.

Jacqueline Johnson North, CEO of IAOCR, told us the Emergency Summit Meeting’s goal was identify “a clear plan about how the Clinical Research Industry can effectively navigate the imminent political changes that will come with Brexit.”

Areas of focus include identifying potential working challenges for the EU clinical research workforce in the UK and vice-versa; how the industry and Governments will safeguard the future of clinical trials ; and what challenges and/or opportunities might arise.

Our intention is to create a task force that will develop a practical solution to ensure that the clinical research industry proactively responds to these changes and mitigates potential challenges before they arise,” said Johnson North.

“We are on the horizon of a significant political and environmental change as Britain’s exit from the EU begins, and this will have a big impact on the Clinical Research sector."

The summit meeting was held last week on April 5th, at which time industry stakeholders identified key challenges and opportunities that the clinical research sector needs to consider.

“To directly hear from and debate with industry leaders to identify and prioritize key factors that will be impacted by Brexit was invaluable,” said Johnson North.

IAOCR will release more information over the following months about the specific discussion points as it prepares to release a position paper on the issues.


What implications do you think that Brexit would have on the future of clinical research in the UK?

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