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Eli Lilly taps Cogstate as preferred provider

Melissa Fassbender

By Melissa Fassbender

Last updated on 18-May-2017 at 15:38 GMT2017-05-18T15:38:43Z

(Image: iStock/Pinkypills)
(Image: iStock/Pinkypills)

Eli Lilly and Company has chosen Cogstate as its preferred provider to support its Alzheimer’s disease platform.

According to Cogstate, the company will work with Lilly to develop a program to improve the way research sites train and collect endpoint data for Lilly’s Alzheimer’s disease study portfolio.

The company’s program is designed to improve rater training and certification, electronic clinical outcome assessment (eCOA) data capture, and risk-based central monitoring.

George Hunnewell, Chief Operations Officer for Cogstate, commented in a release, “By more efficiently and effectively preparing sites to administer neuropsychological assessments across all of Lilly’s Alzheimer’s studies, we dramatically improve the research experience for clinicians and patients while also ensuring greater reliability of the outcome measures.”

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