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Karyopharm Therapeutics selects CRO Clinipace as preferred provider


Karyopharm Therapeutics selects CRO Clinipace as preferred provider

Karyopharm Therapeutics has selected CRO Clinipace to help discover first-in-class drugs directed against nuclear transport targets for the treatment of cancer and other major diseases, 

The selection comes as Karyopharm is looking to work with Clinipace in 2014 to manage several clinical programs, including ones in oncology, wound healing, and other diseases.

Karyopharm currently has two drugs in development to fight human cancer, including:

  • KPT-330 (Selinexor) is an XPO1 inhibitor being evaluated in multiple open-label Phase I clinical trials in patients with heavily pretreated relapsed and/or refractory hematological and solid tumor malignancies; and
  • KPT-350, which is being developed for the treatment of inflammatory disease.

Both companies declined to comment on the details of the deal and what trials would be run.

Sharon Shacham, Karyopharm’s founder, President and Chief Scientific Officer, said, “By partnering with a like-minded technology-driven company like Clinipace, we believe we can help accelerate our first-in-class small molecule modulators into effective targeted therapeutics for life threatening conditions.”

As tailored therapies such as those Karyopharm have under development become more prominent, drug developers must find increasingly innovative ways to help bring their products to market in the most effective and efficient manner,” said Jeff Williams, CEO and co-founder of Clinipace.  

Working with a technology-enabled digital CRO (dCRO) provides our clients with a significant level of information sharing that helps increase collaboration, improves data quality, and reduces their overall development costs.”

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