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Almac launches histone manufacturing service


Almac to produce histones for R&D

Almac has added epigenetics to its expanding drug discovery offering with a new bespoke histone production service.

The Northern-Irish firm has launched a custom synthesis and reagents service for focused on the production of histones, which are the proteins involved with the packaging and expression of DNA that are believed to play a role in the development of some diseases.

The idea is that drug discovery scientists involved in epigenetic research can examine the histones – which Almac claims are exact replicas of those found in nature - as potential targets for novel pharmaceutical products.

Almac has been expanding its drug discovery and analysis offering over the last few years. The firm launched its protein-kinase based Flexyte platform in 2010 , attracting the attention of Anglo-Swedish drugmaker AstraZeneca.

More recently , Almac rolled out a new DNA sequencing service for companies working in the field of personalised medicine. This offering was few expanded in August .

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