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GE provides e-health management tech for US athletes at 2012 Olympics


GE provides e-health management tech for US athletes at 2012 Olympics

The luggage Team USA took to the London 2012 Olympics was lighter than that carried to previous tournaments thanks to a technology provided by GE Healthcare.

According to the firm – part of US industrial giant General Electric (GE) – the US Olympic Committee (USOC) has selected its Centricity Practice Solution (CPS) platform to help manage the medical records for the more than 700 US athletes competing at the Games.

GE said: “In the past, the USOC used paper, requiring the shipping of thousands of records to the Games location. Today, however, the USOC is utilizing CPS to enhance efficiency, communication and enable the provider to improve patient care - and it’s certainly making a difference.”

The firm's involvement in this year's games goes beyond it work with team USA to the provision of digital imaging equipment to the Polyclinic in the Olympic village.

GE said that the kit it is providing - which including MRI, CT, X-ray and Ultrasound systems - allows the diagnosis of "even the smallest strains and sprains to provide athletes and coaching teams with vital information for competition."

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