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Beta Pharma lands cancer drug manufacturing and development contract

Last updated on 25-Jul-2012 at 14:31 GMT

Beta Pharma lands cancer drug manufacturing and development contract

Beta Pharma Canada will produce a batch of adva-27a, a developmental cancer drug being developed by Sunshine Biopharma.

Adva-27a is an anti-cancer compound which has demonstrated the ability to kill resistant breast cancer cells (MCF-7/MDR) and small-cell lung cancer cells (H69AR) in preclinical studies conducted to date.

Montreal-based Beta Pharma Canada - an affiliate of Beta Pharma with offices and facilities in Connecticut (USA) and Shanghai (China) – will also provide synthesis parameters for future scale-up and large scale manufacturing of the drug.

Sunshine CEO Steve Slilaty said: “We are delighted to be working with Beta Pharma Canada with excellent in-house synthesis capability and can amass additional resources through its corporate affiliations” adding that “We anticipate delivery of the new batch of Adva-27a together with the synthesis parameters by the end of the month.”

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