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Recipharm to sell drug co-developed with Astimex, signs new manufacturing deal


Recipharma to sell drug co-developed with Astimex
Recipharma to sell drug co-developed with Astimex

CMO Recipharm has set out to sell a new own-brand infectious disease medication it developed in partnership with fellow Sweden-based firm Astimex Pharma.

RPH Pharmaceuticals – Recipharm’s own-brand pharmaceutical development wing – declined to provide specific details about the drug other than to claim that it is “a first in class generic.”

According to the Astimex – which makes treatments for nail fungus, dry eye and head lice - plans to market the product in Nordic markets and RPH plans license it to distributors in other markets.

The firm's started work on the drug last October , announcing at the time that Recipharm would conduct formulation development work for the product at its facility in Solna, near Stockholm.

Speaking last year Astimex general manager Asa Lintzen said: “It is Recipharm’s recognised partnering approach, combined with its advanced and adaptable capabilities, in cluding its offering at the Solna facility that attracted us in the first place.”

She also suggested that the deal could be the start of a longer term relationship, which was echoed by Maria Lundberg, general manager, Recipharm Pharmaceutical Development.

"I am convinced that this is the start of a long-term collaboration that will prove beneficial for both companies and we are pleased that Astimex Pharma have chosen to utilise the expertise and flexible development capabilities that our staff and facilities are able to provide."

Evidently, these predictions appear to have been accurate. 

In addition to the filing, the two firms have also agreed to collaborate on another development and manufacturing project. Again, while details of the specific product have not been disclosed, understands that it will be a generic drug sold in Northern European markets. 

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