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Parexel: wearable data collection creates sponsor efficiencies

Melissa Fassbender

By Melissa Fassbender

Last updated on 04-Apr-2017 at 18:40 GMT2017-04-04T18:40:46Z

(Image: iStock/CreativaImages)
(Image: iStock/CreativaImages)

Parexel’s new patient sensor solution aims to capitalize on remote clinical trial data collected via medical devices.

Xavier Flinois, President, Parexel Informatics, told us the new solution — powered by the Perceptive MyTrials Analytics platform — is designed to create efficiencies for sponsors.

Parexel partnered with various technology providers, including OSIsoft, to enable data capture, transmission, storage, and monitoring.

Collection of clinical data via wearables and sensors could replace or reduce the number of clinical assessments and/or on-site visits during clinical trials,” he said, adding that this could potentially reduce the burden on trial participants and sites as well as decrease trial costs. 

Flinois explained that wearable monitoring solutions also allow data to be collected more often, which allows for real-time insights into a study subject’s behavior and health outside of visits – thus supporting better compliance and real-time user feedback.

The need for alternative, patient-centric trial designs to reduce burden on patients and sites and decrease costs is driving the investment in alternative data sources in the industry,” he added.

The next steps for Parexel are designing and enrolling patient-centric studies from which it aims to learn and evaluate how the data meets targeted endpoints.

Flinois said the process will also help inform the company’s future approaches for next generation technologies.

We believe there is an opportunity to capitalize not only on the innovation from individual sensors, but on the tremendous amount of insights advanced analytics can provide,” he explained.

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