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Clinerion aims for 50m patients by Q2 2017 as it enters South America

Melissa Fassbender

By Melissa Fassbender

Last updated on 10-Jan-2017 at 18:55 GMT2017-01-10T18:55:18Z

(Image: iStock/oatawa)
(Image: iStock/oatawa)

iHealth Group of Brazil has joined Clinerion’s Patient Recruitment System platform as its first installation in South America while the company looks to expand in other developing markets in 2017.

According to the clinical research solution company, iHealth brings potential access to 40 sites and a 25m patient population.

With iHealth coming on board, we can now offer real, live data from two continents that do not contain any estimations but real-time facts,” Ulf Claesson, Clinerion CEO, told “This removes guesswork from patient recruitment for clinical trials.”

Claesson said the company continues to build on its current offerings in order to support global coverage.

We will make data available from Asia, the Americas and beyond our existing Western countries,” he said. The company is also interested in working in Romania, Iran, and other developing markets.

By the end of Q2 2017, Clinerion’s goal is to have 50m patients on board, Claesson said, and by the end of 2017, it expects to have key centers in most European markets.

We have a healthy pipeline; expect more on this in the New Year,” he said, adding that as the company develops its coverage, it is also developing its service offering.

We are building use cases for market access and real-world evidence studies,” explained Claesson.

This will increase the usefulness of our services to the pharma industry, and therefore make joining the platform that much more interesting to hospitals as well.”

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