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Access to Medicines says outsourced clinical trials need to be codified

03-Dec-2012 - The group whose comments on sponsor oversight drew criticism from ACRO says the industry group's preferred ‘trust and verify’ model only works if verification efforts are robust.

News from PCT Europe

Post-approval service providers must collect less but more focussed data, says INC

28-Nov-2012 - Post-approval service providers must collect less but more focussed data for successful drug launches, according to INC Research.

Pfizer could re-launch virtual trial programme as soon as 2013

27-Nov-2012 - Pfizer is re-jigging its failed virtual trial model and could re-launch the programme as soon as 2013.

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India will stamp out "fly by night operators" in trial industry, says Gov

27-Nov-2012 - The Indian Government will stamp out “fly by night operators” in its clinical trials sector by plugging "loopholes" in the regulations.

Report from PCT Europe

Is risk-based clinical trial monitoring too flexible for the regulators?

12-Nov-2012 - Risk-based monitoring for clinical trials was a hot topic at this year’s PCT Europe thanks to recent draft guidances from the FDA and the EMA.


Strategic deals fit with regulators' risk-based site monitoring

08-Nov-2012 - Risk-based site monitoring is easier under strategic partnerships than other relationship models according to Covance.


PCT Europe 2012: Managing risk, emerging markets and industry criticism

08-Nov-2012 - is in Hamburg,Germany this week to meet the CROs, sponsors and academics gathered at PCT Europe to discuss the future of partnerships in clinical trials.

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Bend Research hunting new partnerships to boost bioavailability offering

17-Oct-2012 - Bend Research is “actively” hunting new partnerships similar to its recent alliance with Dow.

Industry too afraid to include children in clinical trials, says expert

10-Oct-2012 - The pharma industry does not include children in clinical research for fear of mentally scarring them, according to

Quintiles set to boost Scotland's "promising" clinical trials market

02-Oct-2012 - Quintiles has forged a deal with the Scottish Government which it says will boost clinical trial activity in the country.

Children must be included in more trials to drive paediatric development: experts

01-Oct-2012 - Children are not included in enough clinical trials in the US, according to an FDA committee.

Quintiles makes trial management system more interactive

24-Sep-2012 - Quintiles says it has improved its trial management services with a new navigation platform for its Infosario programme.

Clinical trials should involve the elderly more, say experts

19-Sep-2012 - Geriatric patients are left out of trials too often say experts who want researchers to 'open their minds' to the benefits of recruiting the elderly.

Recruitment success in biosimilar trials relies on staff training: ISR

18-Sep-2012 - The key to improving patient recruitment in trials of biosimilar drugs is site staff training, according to ISR.

Online drug accountability systems will replace paper, says Cenduit

04-Sep-2012 - Automated drug accountability systems are becoming “the norm” in clinical trials because they can improve compliance and cut working time drastically, according to Cenduit.


New draft guidance on clinical trial insurance in the UK to accelerate ethics committees, says Government

02-Jul-2012 - A new draft guidance stating the level of insurance cover required for trial participants in the UK will accelerate ethics committees’ approval process, according to experts.


UPDATES from DIA 2012: "Collaborate to innovate," says the association

27-Jun-2012 - “Collaborate to innovate,” is the message DIA has for clinical researchers at its 2012 Annual Meeting in Philadelphia, US.

Trial regulation in emerging markets is now "too stringent," says new report

14-Jun-2012 - Regulation of clinical trials in emerging markets is now too strict and is prompting sponsors and CROs to adopt “one-size-fits-all” designs, according to a new study.

Sponsor – CRO communication critical to IRB transfer; FDA

13-Jun-2012 - Clear communication between sponsors, CROs and regulators is critical to the smooth transfer of IRB responsibilities, the FDA said.


Home visits = regulatory thumbs up? thinks so

31-May-2012 - The use of home visits in clinical trials could raise the chances of regulatory approval, according to


Home visits are the key to patient retention, says

30-May-2012 - Including home visits in clinical trial designs could be the key to patient retention, according to

Big Pharma pools together to tackle emerging market woes

24-May-2012 - A host of Big Pharma firms have come together to participate in a new forum in a bid to boost patient recruitment activities in emerging markets.

West shifts focus to proprietary products

23-May-2012 - West Pharmaceutical is changing its gauge from contract manufacturing to proprietary products: it’s particular focus, delivery systems.

'Simplify trial data analysis and look at the bigger picture', says Quanticate

22-May-2012 - Quanticate says it will eliminate unnecessarily “complicated spreadsheets” in clinical trial data analysis after integrating a new simplified web-based program into its own.

Improve patient compliance by designing trials around real life, says expert

16-Apr-2012 - Designing trials around patients’ habits is the key to success in patient compliance, according to online recruitment specialist Rebar Interactive.