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Wednesday March 27th 2014

It is a well-established principal that even the most promising API, monoclonal antibody or therapeutic peptide can only be turned into an effective and marketable drug if formulated in such a way that it reaches the blood stream and is bioavailable.
But, while this characteristic - bioavailability - has been the focus of lab scientists, clinical researchers and process developers’ efforts for many years, finding the solution that gives a particular drug the desired profile is still a major headache for pharmaceutical firms.
Similarly, biopharmaceutical firms hoping to develop oral delivery alternatives for injectable biologics will also need to work out how to ensure that their products are bioavailable, safe and effective.
Our virtual event will bring together expert regulators, academics and the drug industry scientists to define the challenges and share the latest research breakthroughs to help you make the decisions that will let you overcome your Bioavailability Challenge.

Conference programme webinars:
BAC14-WRBM#1-Bioavailability market dynamics

Bioavailability market dynamics - by William Reed Business Media

Dan Stanton - /, Deepika Chopda - Frost & Sullivan

How healthy is demand for bioavailability enhancement services? Is the growth of the generics sector...

BAC14-WRBM#2-A brief history of bioavailability

A brief history of bioavailability - by William Reed Business Media

Damien Bove - Yorkshire Biotec, Gareth Macdonald - /

Tablets have been around for almost 200 years. In this presentation we trace the history...

BAC14-Dow-Pharma-2014-Dow AFFINISOL™ polymers for Solubility Enhancement

Dow AFFINISOL™ polymers for Solubility Enhancement - by Dow Food Solutions

Kevin O’Donnell - The Dow Chemical Company, William "Trey" Porter III - The Dow Chemical Company

Dow’s AFFINISOL™ line of excipients include AFFINISOL™ HMPCAS for spray drying applications and AFFINISOL™ HPMC...

BAC14-BASF-Pharma-2014-How glass-forming polymers improve bioavailability

How glass-forming polymers improve bioavailability / Enhanced oral bioavailability with Soluplus® – case study - by BASF SE

Felicitas Guth - BASF, Heiko Alexander Schiffter - BASF

How glass-forming polymers improve bioavailabilityPolymers are essential components of oral solid dosage forms and used...

BAC14-Ashland-Pharma-2014-Role of excipients in design of solid amorphous drug dispersions

Role of excipients in design of solid amorphous drug dispersions for delivery of poorly water-soluble drugs - by Ashland

Divya Tewari - Ashland

Most new drug candidates suffer from poor water- solubility leading to rate limiting dissolution, slow...

July 12th, 2011

Cancer drug development is the most complex challenge faced by the drug industry today, with clinical trials being the most technically difficult, time consuming and expensive aspect of the process.


Recruiting patients, monitoring sites and analysing complex data can be daunting for cost-sensitive pharmas, which is why more and more turn to CROs with oncology expertise to help tap the lucrative cancer therapeutics market.


The Oncology Trials Outsourcing conference will examine the contract oncology research sector: the strategies that work and those that don’t; the path to success and hurdles to avoid, with expert opinion and industry insight.


We’ll also look to the future and discuss the emerging trends and hot topics, from adaptive protocols to personalized medicines that will be critical to success for pharmas seeking to create the next generation of treatments.

Conference programme webinars:

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