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TLM Pharma – Packaging Line for Vials

Published: 11-Jun-2012 | Format: Web page | Document type: Video
Related applications: Fill & finish, packaging

The vials are picked up by four TLM-F4 robot arms and placed onto a group conveyor which can accommodate all vial diameters.

The second sub-machine is a box erecting and glueing machine, taking flat lying box blanks out of multi-lane magazines, erecting and placing them onto transmodule suction plates.

The third sub-machine is a positioning station for packing inserts, which are also removed from a multi-lane magazine and placed on the suction plates of the transmodule.

In the fourth sub-machine, a F2 robot  picks the vials from the group conveyor and introduces them into the packing inserts so that the inserts and vials can then be placed into the package.

The possible output per minute is 300.