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BIO 2016

Our coverage of the BIO International Convention June 6 to 9 2016, in San Francisco, California.  

Dispatches from BIO 2016

How (and why) CROs are collecting and using patient-centric data

16-Jun-2016 - The advent of low-cost, real-time technologies has made capturing real-world patient experiences easier than ever, allowing CROs to address concerns over end-use needs.

Dispatches from BIO 2016

Drug development in space: how microgravity enables pharma

15-Jun-2016 - Eli Lilly is conducting several experiments on the International Space Station (ISS) US National Laboratory over the next year – with several implications for pharma back on Earth.

Dispatches from BIO 2016

Brammer Bio opens new cell and gene therapy manufacturing facility

08-Jun-2016 - The new 50,000 square foot facility in Lexington, MA will be dedicated to late phase development and commercial manufacturing for advanced cell and gene therapies.

Dispatches from BIO

Dedicated or condominium? Patheon talks 'creative' capacity models at BIO

08-Jun-2016 - With problems in forecasting capacity demand, biopharma is looking to a number of new models from third-party manufacturers according to Patheon.

CORRECTION - Dispatches from BIO 2016

Merck & Co. and Fujifilm team to share capabilities at new $60m microbial plant

07-Jun-2016 - A new $60m facility at a MSD site in Ireland will offer Fujifilm Diosynth customers 20,000L of microbial biologics capacity in a collaboration between the two firms.

Dispatches from BIO 2016

The state of investment: 'biotech is up'

07-Jun-2016 - The biopharmaceutical industry broke several records in 2015 – but to continue the trend will require a sustained investment from multiple stakeholders.

Dispatches from BIO 2016

BioDuro launches as CDMO at BIO International

07-Jun-2016 - The global contract research organization (CRO) announced the formal launch at BIO International, which takes place this week in San Francisco, CA.

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