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GPCM 2013

The Global Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing Event (GPCM) 2013 took place in the centre of London, UK on June 25-6.

Some of the major CMOs were present, along with both big and small pharma representatives discussing best practices for selecting third-party manufacturers, the current state of the industry, quality issues, global effect and regulatory challenges.

And of course was there too, reporting back the latest developments in the CMO world.

To QbD or not to QbD? That is the Question...

24-Jul-2013 - Europe may soon approve the first biologic made according to quality by design (QbD) principles, but opinions are still split over whether the approach should even be applied to biopharmaceuticals.

Russian Protectionism may Offer Chances For Local CMOs, Expert Says

15-Jul-2013 - Pharma may be "wary of making big investments" in the protected Russian market leaving an opportunity for local CMOs, according to an industry expert.

Plant Design Critical in Sterile Manufacturing, Expert Says

10-Jul-2013 - Rebuilding 'problem' sterile manufacturing plants to modern specifications may be a better option than spending money trying to fix them according to an ex-GSK expert.

Lilly: Performance Metrics Key to CMO Management

03-Jul-2013 - Performance monitoring should be applied equally to external manufacturing as internal operations, says Eli Lilly.

Pharma Abandoning East, Returning West for CMOs say GPCM Delegates

02-Jul-2013 - Pharma firms are returning to European and North American manufacturers as quality issues and rising costs have lost India and China some of its ‘Eastern promise,’ according to industry experts.


Roche: Governance of CMOs Ensures Sterility, Strengthens Partnerships

27-Jun-2013 - Roche says its hands on approach to managing sterile manufacturing partners is resulting in a safer and tighter network.


Quality Agreement Dictates Price in Manufacturing Relationships

27-Jun-2013 - The survey was undertaken as part of the GPCM (Global Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing) Event held in London, UK this week involving delegates from a number...


'Critical' Compliance for Biologics with Nasal and Long Acting Techs

26-Jun-2013 - Critical Pharmaceuticals says its protein and peptide delivery technologies offer long acting injectables and greater compliance, saving money and easing patient administration.


BIg Pharma's Shift from R&D Opportunity for CDMOs, Says Expert

26-Jun-2013 - With small companies and biotechs increasingly discovering new products, there are big opportunities for contract development and manufacturing organisations (CDMO), says ex-GSK expert.

Western CMOs Hold Advantages Over East, says PTI

25-Jun-2013 - Cost of freight, customer service and regulatory compliance offer Western CMOs advantages over their Eastern Counterparts, according to US CMO Pharma Tech Industries (PTI).

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