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Patient Recruitment Outsourcing 2011

Finding and retaining patients for clinical trials is a major headache for the pharmaceutical industry with, according to recent data, failure to find an adequate number of people to take part being the most common reason for study failure.

Such problems, combined with the drug industry's need to improve the efficiency of clinical research, are driving more and more drugmakers to use contract research organisations (CRO) to try and accelerate the recruitment process.

With this in mind the is holding Patient Recruitment Outsourcing 2011 , a conference bringing together thought leaders in the field of outsourced patient recruitment.

The event will take a strategic look at outsourcing of patient recruitment, discussing when to outsource, who to partner with and looking at how outsourcing can overcome the challenges of working in rare indications, in global locations or engaging with patients already overwhelmed with trial information.

To whet your appetite for the event has compiled a list of recent news impacting patient recruitment. See you in September.

Social media is a must in patient recruitment, say PRO panelists

28-Sep-2011 - Early adopters are effectively using social media for patient recruitment and retention but in general the industry is fearful, a panelist at Patient Recruitment Outsourcing (PRO) 2011 said.

Data-backed decisions ease enrollment, PRO panelists say

27-Sep-2011 - Clinical trial enrollment can be accelerated by better understanding patients and using EHRs to inform protocol design, panelists told an Outsourcing-Pharma conference.

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Patient Recruitment Outsourcing in emerging markets: the good, the bad, and the ugly

31-Aug-2011 - Companies outsourcing patient recruitment in emerging markets should have more people on the ground, according to Cutting Edge Information's Shaylyn Pike.

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Patient recruitment must evolve, says Cutting Edge Information

18-Aug-2011 - Companies looking to outsource patient recruitment need to think outside the box, says Cutting Edge Information’s director of research Eric Bolesh.

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Patient recruitment best outsourced, says market analyst

16-Aug-2011 - Outsourcing should play a vital role in any patient recruitment strategy, says Cutting Edge Information’s director of research Eric Bolesh.

Covance establishes more roots in complex contract pharma

04-Aug-2011 - Covance has announced it will collaborate on a genome sequencing project with Broad Institute to create genomic resources for a research model.

Cliniworks claims AccelFind can accelerate patient recruitment

03-Aug-2011 - Software developer CliniWorks says data-mining is key to addressing trial sector’s “Achilles Heel,” patient recruitment.

Realistic, evidence-based patient recruitment goals are key, Shire

01-Aug-2011 - An evidence-based approach to planning during protocol development is key to successful patient recruitment according to Joseph Kim, director of clinical operations at Shire Pharmaceuticals.

Blue Chip gives social networking in patient recruitment the thumbs up

26-Jul-2011 - Blue Chip Patient Recruitment says the future of patient sourcing for clinical trials lies in social media.

PPD adds iPhone app to patient recruitment toolbox

07-Apr-2011 - PPD has launched an iPhone app as part of efforts to use technology for patient recruitment and other clinical trial processes.

Upturn in trial tech use will drive recruitment innovation

06-Apr-2011 - Technology use in clinical trials is accelerating and will have a major impact on patient recruitment and other processes, said a PCT panel.

Proactive planning and strong site links boost recruitment

05-Apr-2011 - Being proactive and re-establishing relationships with investigators are vital to boosting patient recruitment and retention, said a PCT panel.

Business & marketing tactics can boost recruitment

15-Mar-2011 - Applying a business model based on marketing theory to clinical trials can give a consistent framework for planning and managing patient recruitment, say academics.

Social media boosting patient recruitment, but FDA guidance needed

14-Mar-2011 - CRO and Pharma patient recruitment efforts can benefit from social networks and online patient groups, but clarification from the US FDA is still needed.

Pool of US cancer investigators needed to boost recruitment

15-Feb-2011 - A pool of research-aware US oncology clinical investigators must be developed to ensure patient recruitment rates meet demand.

Fast patient recruitment cuts clinical trial carbon footprint

07-Feb-2011 - Faster patient recruitment and use of lighter packaging minimise the carbon footprint of clinical trials.

Visualisation of trials, sites & patient recruitment, 2005-09

06-Dec-2010 - Outsourcing-Pharma presents an interactive visualisation of clinical trial data submitted to the EMA in MAA from 2005-09, showing the number of trials, sites and patients from each country.

Finland, Brazil & Mexico top per site recruitment; visualisation

30-Nov-2010 - Finland, Brazil and Mexico recruit more patients per site than any other country where clinical trials are frequently conducted, according to EMA data.

Latin American sites recruit 91% more patients than US

23-Nov-2010 - Clinical trials in Latin America recruited 91 per cent more patients per site than studies conducted in the US from 2005 to 2009, according to EU MAA data.

Education of health conditions in RCTs boosts recruitment

15-Nov-2010 - Patient recruitment is boosted by health condition awareness strategies and financial incentives, according to research, but various methods of randomisation and consent design have no impact.

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Patient recruiters & regulators educating each other as trials globalise

07-Sep-2010 - Patient recruiters and national regulators must learn from each other to better understand outreach tactics and how they fit with a country’s ethics and laws.

Top strategies for recruiting and retaining trial participants

01-Sep-2010 - Retention strategies, trial site evaluations and dedicated budgets should be used to recruit patients to, and keep them in, clinical trials, according to research.

Strategic partnerships with CROs key to patient recruitment

31-Aug-2010 - Forming a strategic partnership with a CRO is one of the key steps to boosting patient recruitment, according to a report.

Quintiles teams with SCPMG to boost recruitment in US

20-May-2010 - CRO Quintiles says Southern California Permanente Medical Group (SCPMG) partnership will improve patient recruitment and, ultimately, accelerate the drug development process.

BBK and CROee partner to boost recruitment in Japan

19-May-2010 - BBK Worldwide and CROee take on Japan’s notorious “drug lag” with new partnership offering faster patient recruitment and trial site identification.

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