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Cliniworks claims AccelFind can accelerate patient recruitment


Software developer CliniWorks says data-mining is key to addressing trial sector’s “Achilles Heel,” patient recruitment.

The comments follow CliniWorks’ receipt of the judge's choice award at Bio-IT World's 2011 Best Practices Award competition for its AccelFind data mining and patient screening software.

AccelFind is natural-language processing based analysis platform designed solely to analyse medical terminology. The system first converts medical records into a usable format and then searches them according to a trial's inclusion and exclusion criteria.

CEO Nitzan Sneh told “AccelFind helps researchers and investigators to quickly and securely find matching outcomes, evidence and cases against clinical study inclusion and exclusion criteria out of millions of medical records in seconds.”

Sneh, who founded Massachusetts, US-based CliniWorks, added that the ability to automate such searchers and cut months off the patient recruitment process is just one of the ways AccelFind differs from other systems.

Current recruitment applications are not connected to the entire population of an institution at the medical records level but only to patients (via media and other sources) or relatively limited populations available to CROs and research institutions.

Most importantly we provide access to Investigators and their potential specific eligible patients, while most other applications can only provide only investigators or volunteering patients. “

The platform, which was launched last year as a software as a service (SaaS system, has been used in more than 100 Phase II and III studies by both contract research organizations (CRO) and pharmaceutical sponsors.

Patient Recruitment Outsourcing

Accelerating patient recruitment will be a key focus for’s event “Patient Recruitment Outsourcing” event in Boston on September 26 and 27.

"Patient Recruitment Outsourcing 2011 will take a strategic look at outsourcing of patient recruitment, discussing when to outsource, who to partner with and looking at how outsourcing can overcome the challenges of working in rare indications, in global locations or engaging with patients already overwhelmed with trial information."

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