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Finland, Brazil & Mexico top per site recruitment; visualisation

2 commentsBy Nick Taylor , 30-Nov-2010
Last updated on 26-May-2017 at 14:58 GMT2017-05-26T14:58:19Z

Finland, Brazil & Mexico top per site recruitment; visualisation

Finland, Brazil and Mexico recruit more patients per site than any other country where clinical trials are frequently conducted, according to EMA data.

In a recent report the European Medicines Agency (EMA) published data on the number of trials, sites and patients from each country included in marketing authorisation applications (MAA). Outsourcing-Pharma has analysed the data to find recruitment per site for each country.

After countries that, on average, conducted fewer than five trials a year are excluded, Finland, Brazil and Mexico emerge as recruiting the most patients per site. Finland tops the list with an average of 31 patients per site from 2005 to 2009, after a 23,422 person vaccine trial is excluded.

Trailing Finland are Brazil and Mexico which both recruited 25 patients per site. Other countries of note include: China and Hong Kong, which both averaged 24 patients; Denmark, 23; and Poland, 22.

In contrast, clinical trial sites in Portugal recruited an average of six patients from 2005 to 2009. Below Portugal, with the lowest recruitment rate, is Ireland, which averaged five patients per site.

The full dataset, collated and calculated by Outsourcing-Pharma from the EMA report, is available here . This data includes countries removed from the visualisation, such as Jamaica which recruited many patients per site but only performed two clinical trials included in EMA MAA.

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Clinical trial - patients per site.

The world-wide statistic is very interesting. Most of the advanced countries like US, UK, Australia, Germany, Canada, etc are recruiting less than 20 patients. Has there any regulation deciding the number of patients?

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Posted by Goutam Saha.
04 December 2010 | 06h442010-12-04T06:44:47Z

Country Recruitment stats

Hello again Nick,

Very nice article!!

Would be interested in hearing the tactics used most prevalently in each country, if you had the opportunity to collect data on such.


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Posted by Dan Weddle
03 December 2010 | 15h302010-12-03T15:30:16Z

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