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The scale of the global cancer challenge

A series of graphical data articles, created by Outsourcing-Pharma, to illustrate the scale of the global cancer crisis and identify hotspots. The series was created to accompany OncologyTrialsOutsourcing , an industry first, virtual conference hosted by Outsourcing-Pharma.

News in brief

J&J hunting for new CMO for Doxil

28-Sep-2011 - Supplies of Johnson & Johnson’s Doxil cancer drug will be cut down in coming months as the company transitions to a new manufacturer.

Interactive map of cancer mortality risk around the world

07-Jul-2011 - Outsourcing-Pharma presents an interactive map of mortality risk for major cancers around the globe.

Interactive map shows cancer burden on CEE

07-Jul-2011 - Central and Eastern Europeans face, with some exceptions, a higher cancer mortality risk than their western European counterparts.

Interactive map of cancer mortality risk in Latin America

07-Jul-2011 - Outsourcing-Pharma presents an interactive map of cancer mortality in Latin America, showing the extent of deaths from preventable diseases.

Cancer an emerging threat in Africa – interactive map

07-Jul-2011 - In Africa cancer is emerging as a major public health threat, the extent of which can be seen in our interactive map of the region.

US cancer death rate in decline but problem areas remain

07-Jul-2011 - Cancer death rates are in decline in the US but, as our interactive map shows, the situation varies from site-to-site and state-to-state.

Asia braces for cancer surge

07-Jul-2011 - Lung and stomach cancer are big killers in Asia, as shown by our interactive map, and there are fears the number of new cases will jump in coming years.

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