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Cancer an emerging threat in Africa – interactive map

By Nick Taylor , 07-Jul-2011
Last updated on 25-May-2017 at 16:06 GMT2017-05-25T16:06:06Z

In Africa cancer is emerging as a major public health threat, the extent of which can be seen in our interactive map of the region.

Changes in lifestyle and other factors have made cancer an increasing problem in Africa. The problem is compounded by limited access to screening, treatment and palliative care in some regions.

Africa lacks the infrastructure, expertise, and technology to halt cancer in its track. This is compounded by the complete lack of cancer awareness that exist in the various communities of Africa”, said Africa Cancer Care Inc (ACGI).

ACGI is one of a number of groups, such as AfrOx, that is working to halt a cancer threat that has been described as being “like a steam train” by former British health secretary Alan Milburn.

The map below can be filtered to show the cumulative risk of different cancer sites using the drop down menu.

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