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Crown licenses cell based prostate cancer models from UK researchers

11-Feb-2016 - Crown Bioscience has expanded its portfolio of non-animal based disease models by licensing a range of cellular prostate cancer models developed by UK academics.

Envigo confirms susceptibility of rat models to HSV-2 infection

03-Feb-2016 - CRO Envigo has confirmed that two of its rat strains can catch the virus that causes genital herpes.

Repositive developing premium gene data collaboration platform for drug researchers

02-Feb-2016 - Repositive has secured funding to develop a premium version of its gene data collaboration platform for personalised medicine and rare disease researchers.

Surging demand for APIs prompts expansion of second Onyx facility

01-Feb-2016 - Onyx Scientific will add a 6250sq ft facility at its site in North-East England to cope with a surge in demand for its small-scale API services.

'China is hungry,' as drug innovation push continues

25-Jan-2016 - Certara’s new consulting firm will rely on modeling and simulation expertise to expedite the drug development process, as China commits to increasing innovation.

Domainex and Cresset team to offer small molecule discovery services

25-Jan-2016 - Domainex and Cresset have partnered to offer small molecule drug discovery services that combine their respective strengths in chemistry in biology.

Pfizer hits up four biotechs in $46m R&D collaboration strategy

19-Jan-2016 - Pfizer has invested $46m in separate collaborations with four R&D companies specialising in developing ADCs, immuno-oncology candidates and gene-therapies.

Pfizer, HemoShear collaboration to create new 'safety paradigm'

13-Jan-2016 - HemoShear Therapeutics has teamed up with Pfizer to develop a predictive model for preclinical drug-induced vascular injury (DIVI).

Wuxi AppTec to invest $120m in antibody discovery and development lab

12-Jan-2016 - Newly private WuXi AppTec has announced plans to invest $120m in a biopharmaceutical development laboratory and clinical-scale manufacturing facility in Shanghai, China.

With WIL, Charles River to expand client’s research efforts

11-Jan-2016 - Charles River is set to acquire WIL Research for approximately $585 million in cash, further enhancing the company’s capabilities to include contract development and manufacturing (CDMO).

Merck expands deal with 'organ-on-chip' tech firm Emulate

06-Jan-2016 - Merck & Co. has expanded a partnership to use Emulate’s organ-on-chip technology to carry out predictive modelling of inflammatory processes.

India's Bioneeds aims to be INR 1bn preclinical CRO with new VC funding

04-Jan-2016 - Bioneeds plans to expand its vivarium and preclinical drug testing facility outside Bangalore, India in a bid to become INR 1bn ($15m) CRO.

BASF and Sumitomo team to develop cell lines for tox testing

22-Dec-2015 - BASF and Sumitomo have teamed up to develop an in vitro alternative to animal-based chemical testing systems.

Porsolt has bought non-animal preclinical testing firm Fluofarma

21-Dec-2015 - Preclinical CRO Porsolt has bought cell-based assay developer Fluofarma to increase its non-animal drug screening capacity.

Making waves: scientists use seaweed to grow stem cells

11-Dec-2015 - Scientists have identified seaweed as a source of nutrients for the expansion of pluripotent stem cells needed for future drug testing.

Evotec reaches more endometriosis milestones in Bayer collaboration

10-Dec-2015 - Evotec AG has earned more milestone payments from Bayer HealthCare after two candidate endometriosis treatments progressed in studies.

Crown increasing cell line model capacity by 25% in UK

08-Dec-2015 - Preclinical CRO Crown Bioscience will further increase capacity across its UK facilities to support demand for syngeneic models.

AMRI launches new drug discovery center

08-Dec-2015 - AMRI has opened a drug discovery center, citing growing customer demand for biology, high-throughput screening, in vitro pharmacology, and medicinal chemistry at a single site.

New liver cell production method will spark end of animal testing, scientist

02-Dec-2015 - An Israeli researcher says a cost-effective method for making human liver cells offers drug developers better safety evaluation and will “undoubtedly” replace animal testing.

Acquired Sigma-Aldrich businesses part of Merck's Africa growth plan

26-Nov-2015 - New acquisition Sigma Aldrich will play a part in African growth plans in addition to giving it a presence in the preclinical services sector says Merck*.

Bigger in Japan: Biopta CEO predicts preclinical CRO business growth under new owners

26-Nov-2015 - Preclinical CRO Biopta will add stem cell programming tech to its offering, expand in Japan and nearly double its workforce under new owner, Reprocell.

Reprocell buys into cell therapy discovery services sector with Biopta takeover

25-Nov-2015 - Reprocell has entered the CRO space through the acquisition of preclinical discovery services Biopta.

CRL buys German mouse model CRO for €34m

24-Nov-2015 - Charles River has acquired German preclinical CRO Oncotest GmbH in a €34m ($36m) cash deal.

Cyprotex: Predictive toxicology tech will help pharma cut animal study spending

23-Nov-2015 - Cyprotex has expanded its toxicology offering with a new in silico technology it claims will reduce preclinical costs and cut the number of animal studies required.

Abcam buys AxioMx for antibody production technology

23-Nov-2015 - Abcam has acquired monoclonal antibody production specialist AxioMx in a deal worth up to $45m (€42m).

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