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CrownBio expands immuno-oncology offerings

16-Jun-2016 - Crown Bioscience has expanded its immuno-oncology platform at its facilities in Europe, the US, and Asia to include immunophenotyping analysis.

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Drug development in space: how microgravity enables pharma

15-Jun-2016 - Eli Lilly is conducting several experiments on the International Space Station (ISS) US National Laboratory over the next year – with several implications for pharma back on Earth.

AMRI to provide services for drug development consortium

15-Jun-2016 - As a dedicated Chemical Biology Consortium center, AMRI will provide a variety of drug discovery services to help advance early stage drug discovery projects.

WuXi AppTec adopts Elsevier tech, gains access to 500m experimental details

13-Jun-2016 - WuXi AppTec has adopted Elsevier’s technology as the company begins to focus less on point solutions, and more on provider partnerships, says VP of procurement.

Bridging the 'cultural gap in drug development' with Silicon-Valley technology

02-Jun-2016 - Sensors, computer vision, machine learning, and cloud computing are enabling preclinical researchers to conduct higher quality studies in a shorter period of time. 

Exclusion lists challenging drug developers

01-Jun-2016 - Rising drug prices and the subsequent increasing number of drugs ineligible for reimbursement will challenge drug developers to provide clinical superiority evidence.

Biomarkers triple clinical trial success rate, says report

26-May-2016 - A recent study of clinical drug development success rates found that biomarker-enabled drug programs are three times more likely to reach approval.

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Charles River mulls moonshots and mouse models

24-May-2016 - Charles River Laboratories is conducting new studies using animal models to give insight into therapeutic strategies where pharma companies expect to see the most success.

Genentech extends Evotec small molecule discovery contract

24-May-2016 - German discovery services firm Evotec has had its contract with Genentech extended for a second time

Crown Bioscience launches high throughput service platform

23-May-2016 - Crown Bioscience has launched an oncology service platform to improve preclinical studies using patient-derived xenograft (PDX) models.

Preclinical outsourcing to grow 20% in 2016 says new report

17-May-2016 - More drug discovery work will be outsourced this year according to a report which suggests pharmaceutical industry desire to reduce the risk of failure and cut costs persists.

Microbiome research tool developed for drug development

16-May-2016 - Researchers have developed an organ-on-a-chip model that will allow for preclinical testing in an environment analogous to the human gastrointestinal tract.

New mouse model, new opportunities for Zika research

12-May-2016 - Researchers have developed a new mouse model that allows them to ask different questions about the effects of the Zika virus.

Mass Innovation Labs: the evolution of R&D

05-May-2016 - Mass Innovation Labs is working to change the way biopharmaceutical companies conduct research by providing a “crossroads” for CRO service providers, vendors, and investors.

Elsevier’s ‘Hive Project’ to promote drug discovery

02-May-2016 - As a significant amount of drug discoveries occur outside of pharma companies, Elsevier has launched The Hive Project to promote innovation in the market – outside its walls.

‘Dirty mice’ better mirror humans, says researcher

25-Apr-2016 - Mice are used to model various human diseases – yet the animals don’t replicate some significant features of the adult human immune system.

Stem cells form tiny beating heart for drug testing

22-Apr-2016 - While there are currently several techniques for producing tissue from heart cells, a new method reduces the amount of cells needed, making it easier and cheaper to replicate.

Aptuit bolsters its preclinical services with Exquiron acquisition

21-Apr-2016 - Aptuit has acquired Swiss CRO Exquiron Biotech, enhancing its drug identification and validation services.

Johnson Matthey and Domainex team on API discovery and development

19-Apr-2016 - Johnson Matthey has teamed up with Domainex to offer integrated API discovery, preclinical development and manufacturing services. 

Building a better biomedical knowledgebase

18-Apr-2016 - Researchers as The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) are working to create a public database where researchers can easily access biomedical knowledge.

Pierre Fabre signs on second partner to innovation program

14-Apr-2016 - Pierre Fabre laboratories has established a partnership with a biotech company as part of its Open Innovation program, "Nature Open Library."

Zika vaccine-blocker candidate being tested in animals

14-Apr-2016 - Replikins’ genomic understanding of the Zika and Flaviviruses has led to the development of a trivalent vaccine for Zika, Dengue, and Japanese Encephalitis. 

US 'foots the bill' for global biopharma innovation, says ITIF

12-Apr-2016 - The US ranks first in terms of how its domestic policies contribute to global biopharmaceutical innovation, according to a recent analysis.

Vaccines and biologics driving Charles River investments

12-Apr-2016 - Demand for biological products has driven recent investments in vaccine manufacturing and cell banking, says Charles River Laboratories.

New program to expedite clinical trials through data sharing

11-Apr-2016 - Finding the right patients quickly is an ongoing problem in launching clinical trials, so several companies have formed an alliance to advance precision medicine development. 

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