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Cheminformatics company provides researchers with access to more than 700,000 chemicals

29-Aug-2016 - ACD/Labs’ flagship product ACD/ChemSketch allows pharmaceutical scientists to “better understand the fate of molecules,” says the company president.

Metrion: research consortium aiming to reduce animal studies, facilitate new drug development

25-Aug-2016 - Metrion Biosciences (Metrion), an ion-channel and drug discovery CRO, has joined a network of partners to evaluate the use of primary human dorsal root ganglion (hDRG) neurons in pain research.

AMRI partners to advance RNA-based therapeutics, research tools

24-Aug-2016 - AMRI and the University at Albany’s RNA Institute are partnering to speed the development of new RNA-based therapeutics in an “ideal and first of its kind” collaboration.


AMRI licenses CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing tech for drug discovery

23-Aug-2016 - AMRI has entered into an agreement to license CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing technology from the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard.

Crown Bio adds services at newly expanded oncology center

16-Aug-2016 - Crown Bioscience has expanded its oncology services with new models, cell lines, and assays at its San Diego-based Center of Excellence for Oncology.

Charles River partners with Milner Therapeutics Institute and Consortium

09-Aug-2016 - Charles River Laboratories has entered into a strategic partnership with the Milner Therapeutics Institute and Consortium and will provide the organization with access to its resources and services.

Sekisui XenoTech expands hepatotoxicity testing services

09-Aug-2016 - The global contract research organization (CRO) is increasing its focus on hepatotoxicity, one of the leading causes of adverse events in clinical trials.


Envigo on the responsible use of animal research

05-Aug-2016 - Envigo recently announced the two of its sites have earned accreditation from the lab animal treatment watchdog, AAALAC.

Biologics and biosimilar services drive Q2 sales boost for CRL

04-Aug-2016 - Charles River says it is capitalising on the growing number of biologics in development, with its manufacturing business seeing double-digit growth led by demand for biosafety and cell banking services....

Open-source drug discovery project advances drug development

29-Jul-2016 - The first of its kind trial has successfully identified several compounds to pursue and has given rise to more than a dozen drug development projects.

CrownBio expands US operations

27-Jul-2016 - Crown Bioscience has expanded its San Diego facility to create its US Center of Excellence for Oncology in order to support increasing demand for oncology research studies.

Questions surrounding Indian CRO result in medicine suspension recommendation

22-Jul-2016 - The EMA is recommending the suspension of several medicines after inspections revealed flawed studies at the India-based contract research organization (CRO), Semler Research Centre.

Mitsubishi Tanabe licenses simulation tech

21-Jul-2016 - Mitsubishi Tanabe has joined the Simcyp Consortium – gaining a license to the modeling and simulation group’s pharmacokinetic prediction technology.

Exco InTouch approved fully compliant with NIST guidelines

20-Jul-2016 - Exco InTouch has completed a HIPAA Privacy audit as the company continues to prepare for impending data protection regulations.

Envigo facilities earn AAALAC accreditation

20-Jul-2016 - Envigo has announced that its sites in Bresso, Italy and Wyton, UK have earned their accreditation from the lab animal treatment watchdog, AAALAC.

NCI: global initiative to create 1,000 cancer cell models

18-Jul-2016 - A newly-launched international project seeks to develop a new bank of cancer cell culture models for the research community.

FDA issues draft guidances on next gen sequencing

14-Jul-2016 - The FDA has issued two new guidances as part of the President’s Precision Medicine Initiative.

CrownBio introduces new recombinant cell lines for oncology drug discovery

11-Jul-2016 - CrownBio’s new stable cell lines feature various immune checkpoints and receptors which are key targets and pathways for oncology drug discovery and development.

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NIH Deputy Director: manufactured stem cells to advance clinical research

29-Jun-2016 - Researchers supported by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) have developed a clinical-grade stem cell line, which will help accelerate early-stage clinical research.

CrownBio expands immuno-oncology offerings

16-Jun-2016 - Crown Bioscience has expanded its immuno-oncology platform at its facilities in Europe, the US, and Asia to include immunophenotyping analysis.

Dispatches from BIO 2016

Drug development in space: how microgravity enables pharma

15-Jun-2016 - Eli Lilly is conducting several experiments on the International Space Station (ISS) US National Laboratory over the next year – with several implications for pharma back on Earth.

AMRI to provide services for drug development consortium

15-Jun-2016 - As a dedicated Chemical Biology Consortium center, AMRI will provide a variety of drug discovery services to help advance early stage drug discovery projects.

WuXi AppTec adopts Elsevier tech, gains access to 500m experimental details

13-Jun-2016 - WuXi AppTec has adopted Elsevier’s technology as the company begins to focus less on point solutions, and more on provider partnerships, says VP of procurement.

Bridging the 'cultural gap in drug development' with Silicon-Valley technology

02-Jun-2016 - Sensors, computer vision, machine learning, and cloud computing are enabling preclinical researchers to conduct higher quality studies in a shorter period of time. 

Exclusion lists challenging drug developers

01-Jun-2016 - Rising drug prices and the subsequent increasing number of drugs ineligible for reimbursement will challenge drug developers to provide clinical superiority evidence.

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