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Harlan looks to corner NCI grantees lost by Charles River

21-Aug-2014 - News of the discontinuation of the National Cancer Institute’s (NCI) Animal Production Program has led Charles River Laboratories rival Harlan to vie for the market of grantees that still need...

How to speed up development: share work with rivals, say scientists

21-Aug-2014 - Drug developers should add their early-stage discoveries to an open-source database or pay a fine to cut wasted time duplicating results, say researchers.

Organovo: 3D printed liver tissue to challenge current toxicity models

20-Aug-2014 - A 3D printed human liver system could offer better informed risk-based decisions earlier in the drug development process than with current in vitro models, according to developers Organovo.

What’s next for gene editing? After ‘knock-out’, time for ‘knock-in’

19-Aug-2014 - Horizon Discovery says the gene editing tool CRISPR used to engineer its human cell lines is exploding the possibilities of screening for preclinical customers.

Evotec teams with Shire on Fabry's disease as pharma interest in orphans grows

13-Aug-2014 - Evotec has partnered with Shire to develop inhibitors against Fabry’s disease and says such collaborations will grow as Big Pharma increasingly looks towards rare diseases.

CRL nears 85% capacity use, but says sector pricing won't improve yet

11-Aug-2014 - Charles River Laboratories is approaching its optimal capacity utilisation but says pricing will not improve until the rest of the preclinical CRO industry follows suit.

Biosimilar preclinical demand growing as US market beckons, says Harlan

07-Aug-2014 - US demand for biosimilar preclinical services is expected to rocket on the back of the US FDA’s acceptance of Sandoz’s biosimilar filing, according to Harlan Laboratories.

NIH toxicology contract renewed for MRIGlobal despite tightening budget

06-Aug-2014 - The tightening federal budget is increasing competition between research institutes and academia when it comes to preclinical toxicology testing, according to MRIGlobal.

SRI International wins $49m NIH contract to study new HIV, AIDS therapies

29-Jul-2014 - SRI International was awarded a seven-year, $49m contract from the NIAID (National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases), which is a division of the NIH (National Institutes of Health), for...

Philanthropist gives $650m to Broad Institute for psychiatric research

24-Jul-2014 - Philanthropist Ted Stanley has gifted $650m to the Broad Institute as part of a wider attempt to galvanize research on psychiatric disorders and bring new treatments to market. 

News in brief

ABL buys French testing services lab for global reach

23-Jul-2014 - US CMO Advanced Bioscience Laboratories (ABL) has bought French immunogenicity services firm Platine Pharma citing additional global reach as the driver for the deal.

Harlan joins with French CRO to deliver more preclinical services

17-Jul-2014 - Preclinical CRO Harlan Laboratories has partnered with French CRO Fluofarma to strengthen the companies’ drug discovery and translational medicine services.

Charles River loses $12m National Cancer Institute contract

14-Jul-2014 - The US National Cancer Institute (NCI) recently terminated a contract with Charles River Laboratories (CRL) to supply rodents for cancer research.

Peakdale adds discovery offering to PE-backed testing services group

08-Jul-2014 - Pharma services firm Peakdale Molecular has joined with two UK environmental testing providers to form Concept Life Sciences in a private-equity backed agreement.

Petition calls on FDA to amend informed consent requirements

03-Jul-2014 - The Center for Responsible Science  has asked the US FDA to adopt informed consent rules which ensure that trial participants know the experimental drugs they receive may be unsafe or ineffective....

Lonza says stem cell reprogramming makes for better preclinical models

25-Jun-2014 - Lonza has launched a new stem cell reprogramming and maintenance system that has already been used to support US NIH and pharmaceutical company preclinical drug development projects.

Crown: improving animal irradiation can unlock failed drug candidates

24-Jun-2014 - The ability to pinpoint radiotherapy in animal testing could give failed cancer drug candidates a new lease of life, says preclinical CRO (contract research organisation) Crown Biosciences.

US NIH: preclinical research needs more female animals

18-Jun-2014 - The US National Institutes of Health (NIH) has unveiled a policy that will balance testing on male and female animals and cells in preclinical tests.

Covance CFO says early stage business is mostly back on track

12-Jun-2014 - Sounding upbeat on Covance’s recent gains in its early stage clinical business, CFO Alison Cornell expressed a conservative amount of optimism that growth will continue.

Celerion partnership aims to strengthen early phase research in South Korea

03-Jun-2014 - A few months after announcing its arrival in South Korea, Celerion and the Korean Drug Development Fund (KDDF) have agreed to collaborate to provide drug development expertise and support for...

Evotec looks to tap anti-infective research market with CRO Euprotec buy

29-May-2014 - Evotec has acquired all shares in UK-based specialist CRO Euprotec for as much as $5.26m to add anti-infective drug discovery services to its offerings.

$27m investment sees Crown team with China’s biggest mutant mouse org

19-May-2014 - Crown Biosciences has partnered with China’s biggest producer of mutant mice to build better experimental models for its cancer research sponsors, as part of its $26.5m (£16m) venture funding.


CROs commit to animal research openness

14-May-2014 - Contract research organisations Covance, Harlan, Sequani, Charles River Laboratories and Huntingdon Life Sciences have signed an agreement to be open about their animal research.


PRA adds large molecule bioanalytical capabilities to Kansas lab

13-May-2014 - CRO PRA announced Tuesday that it will add large molecule bioanalysis services in its Lenexa, Kansas, laboratory. 

Huntingdon buys Harlan to form 3rd largest preclinical CRO

07-May-2014 - Huntingdon Life Sciences has acquired contract research and animal models firm Harlan Laboratories, making it the third largest preclinical research organisation, according to the company.