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CRO BioAgilytix and ATCC sign strategic partnership

24-Oct-2016 - ATCC has signed a strategic agreement with the contract research organization (CRO) BioAgilytix as part of its ongoing initiative to provide CRO services.

Almac discovers novel immune response mechanism

19-Oct-2016 - Almac Group’s Diagnostics business will engage with pharma to validate the link between its immune response assay and checkpoint inhibitor based therapy.

Lovelace Biomedical launches as preclinical CRO

18-Oct-2016 - Lovelace Biomedical launched this week as a not-for-profit preclinical contract research organization (CRO) with a business model that will let it “put science first.”

CRO Metrion looks to 'significantly build the value' of its work

18-Oct-2016 - Metrion has invested in new laboratories, equipment, and staff, as part of the companies continued growth strategy to form strategic alliances and add "additional breadth."

FDA awards 21 new clinical trial research grants

18-Oct-2016 - The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has awarded 21 new clinical trial research grants totaling more than $23m over the next four years.

Thermo Fisher: pharmacogenomics tool to make clinical trials more efficient

17-Oct-2016 - Thermo Fisher Scientific has revealed a preemptive pharmacogenomic risk factor screening tool to help increase drug development outcome efficiency and reduce adverse drug reactions.

Certara: modeling and simulation to inform 'every phase of drug development'

17-Oct-2016 - Certara has expanded its operations as the company prepares to “fully leverage” the value of modeling and simulation in drug development.

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CrownBio adds chimeric models to database

13-Oct-2016 - Crown Bioscience has published a new version of its MuBase, its online database of efficacy/PD and humanized models, now including syngeneics, GEMM, chimeric, and allograft cancer models.

Is industry consolidation stifling pharma innovation?

12-Oct-2016 - In a year of “merger mania,” researchers suggest the elimination of competition is reducing innovation in the pharmaceutical industry.

Charles River extends drug discovery alliance with Genentech

11-Oct-2016 - Charles River Laboratories has extended its integrated drug discovery alliance with Genentech for three additional years.

CRO Sekisui XenoTech adds new test systems to offerings

05-Oct-2016 - Sekisui XenoTech  now offers hepatic human lysosomes  and rat tritosomes  as standard test systems for in vitro drug development.

Charles River strategic partnership to populate R&D pipeline, shorten timelines

03-Oct-2016 - As part of the company’s continued growth, Charles River’s recent partnership with The Tri-Institutional Therapeutics Discovery Institute (Tri-I TDI) will work to accelerate drug development.

Venn Life Sciences eyes continued growth after 'impressive hike' in revenues

03-Oct-2016 - With several systems and process improvement initiatives underway, the growing contract research organization (CRO), Venn Life Sciences, continues to look for earnings enhancing opportunities, says CEO.

QPS cardiac collaboration to extend sponsor networks

29-Sep-2016 - QPS Holdings LLC  and G-CURE BV  will collaborate on cardiovascular drug development programs for pharmaceutical companies.

Charles River continues CRO buy up, acquires Agilux Labs for $64m

29-Sep-2016 - Charles River Laboratories has acquired Worcester, MA-based contract research organization (CRO) Agilux Laboratories, further bolstering the company’s early-stage services.

CRO Pharmaron and MSD reach shared site agreement

27-Sep-2016 - Pharmaron has acquired MSD’s Hoddesdon, UK-based Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standard facilities to advance its API and formulation development.

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Alcami enhances analytical services in Edison, NJ

27-Sep-2016 - The latest in a series of investments, Alcami has strengthened its analytical services capabilities at its Edison, New Jersey-based site.

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Crown Bio launches new feature for XenoBase in vitro models

22-Sep-2016 - Crown Bioscience has published an updated version of its XenoBase, an online database collating cell line and cell line derived xenograft model data.

Plasticell and CellSpring collaborate on high performance drug screening

20-Sep-2016 - The collaboration combines Plasticell’s cell culture media for creating fat and bone cells in 2-dimensional cell cultures, with CellSpring’s high throughput 3-dimensional screening assays for drug discovery.

Drug development consultancy Certara focusing on 'value based development'

19-Sep-2016 - Through its acquisition of d3 Medicine, Certara has expanded its Strategic Consulting (CSC) division, which uses a range of methods to support drug development.

Fragile X drug developer Fulcrum to use Horizon's CRISPR to find gene targets

15-Sep-2016 - Fulcrum Therapeutics will use a CRISPR gene editing-based platform to identify genetic targets under a deal with Horizon Discovery Group.

Brexit revisited: focusing on 'the war on talent'

06-Sep-2016 - More than two months after Britain decided to leave the EU, companies reevaluate the state of business and what comes next, specifically for jobs within the industry.

NIH human-animal chimera research under debate, experts weigh in

02-Sep-2016 - As stem cell and gene editing technologies become more advanced, researchers are increasingly interested in growing human tissues and organs in animals – but what are the implications of human-animal chimeras?

Cheminformatics company provides researchers with access to more than 700,000 chemicals

29-Aug-2016 - ACD/Labs’ flagship product ACD/ChemSketch allows pharmaceutical scientists to “better understand the fate of molecules,” says the company president.

Metrion: research consortium aiming to reduce animal studies, facilitate new drug development

25-Aug-2016 - Metrion Biosciences (Metrion), an ion-channel and drug discovery CRO, has joined a network of partners to evaluate the use of primary human dorsal root ganglion (hDRG) neurons in pain research.

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