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Add-on for Tecan pipetting system


Tecan UK has launched a new plate-handling add-on for its Aquarius multi-channel pipetting system that should increase the throughput of the device, which is used for applications such as assay development and drug screening.

Using the AutoLoader system means that Aquarius machines can now be fed automatically and the prepared plates can be easily passed onto the next device, for example a detection or screening unit, commented Nicolas Sandoz, product manager at the Swiss firm.

"This eliminates the main bottleneck present in previous liquid handling systems," he said. "Making such a complete compact liquid handling and plate managing system available will help laboratories to reduce time for plate preparation and sorting as well as to increase throughput, not to mention the saving in man hours."

The AutoLoader delivers, collects, sorts and stores various plate types for Aquarius and is fully compatible with the stacker systems on Tecan's detection and screening units. It has a capacity of 250 plates or 72 disposable tip racks.

For more information on the new product, please contact Nicolas Sandoz .

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