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Serialisation – know the facts

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The EU and US deadlines for serialisation are looming and pharmaceutical companies need to be prepared in order to ensure compliance. Implementing serialisation across your production lines can be a complex process, particularly if you’re supplying to multiple markets, so how can you make sure you’re ready? Recipharm is leading the CDMO market in preparing for serialisation, having made a €40m investment to implement a fully compliant solution. Download Recipharm’s Serialisation – The Facts brochure here for all you need to know to be competitive and compliant.


Take steps to stay in the serialization race

As the deadline for drug serialization in the EU looms closer, it’s time to put the topic firmly on your agenda. Learn how to overcome the serialization challenge and simplify compliance.

Developing a new high throughput screen method to improve excipient selection for solubilisation

A new high throughput screen method designed to improve the efficiency of testing excipients to solubilise compounds could save companies time, money and resource.

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