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High Potency Manufacturing - Key selection criteria when evaluating an outsourcing partner - Alkermes

08-Apr-2014 - Many companies are choosing to outsource the manufacture of their highly potent compounds.  A provider of contract pharma services in high potent manufacturing, Alkermes Contract Pharma Services, outlines elements that should be considered  when outsourcing secondary processing (i.e. dosage form...
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17-Mar-2014 - Recipharm already has experience in serialised production. From our UK facility in Manchester over 40 batches have been delivered from a fully validated line to the Turkish market since 2010.Serialisation is a complex area and the requirements are likely to...
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Global Disposable Concept at Boehringer Ingelheim - BOEHRINGER INGELHEIM GmbH

18-Feb-2014 - Boehringer Ingelheim is one of the world’s leading companies for contract development and manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals. We are a global service provider for a broad range of customers – from small Biotech to Big Pharma. We provide expertise, commitment and...
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Controlled Release and Bioavailability Enhancement -

28-Oct-2013 - Metrics provides product development that leverages proprietary pharmaceutical technologies in the areas of: •    Customized Controlled Release Drug Delivery •    Bioavailability Enhancement •    Taste Masking (liquid and solid presentations)When applied appropriately, these technologies can deliver therapeutic and convenience benefits to...
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New Guidelines for Stabilization of Proteins by Freeze Drying: Formulation and Process Heresy - Baxter

17-Oct-2013 - Over the years a number of informal guidelines or “rules” for the formulation and processing of proteins for freeze-drying have been developed. However, in recent years it has become obvious that some of these rules need modification. In this presentation,...
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Making a safe choice for the manufacture of hormones - Recipharm AB

14-Oct-2013 - As consumer demand for hormones increases worldwide, and formulations for manufacturing advance from microgram to milligram levels, what should you look for from a CMO to ensure quality and safety?Find out how the improvements Recipharm has made to its Ashton,...
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Exploring New Frontiers in Direct to Patient Home Delivery Services for Clinical Trials Materials - Marken

07-Aug-2013 - Exploring New Frontiers in Direct to Patient (DTP) Home Delivery Services for Clinical Trial Materials provides an in-depth look at reasons to consider a DTP solution. Included in the discussion are concerns with the traditional distribution channels, advantages and challenges...
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What Non-statisticians Need to Know about Statistics in Clinical Trials - Rho

04-Apr-2013 - Through real-world examples, webinar participants learn strategies for choosing appropriate outcome measures, methods for analysis and randomization, and sample sizes as well as tips for collecting the right data to answer your scientific questions. 
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Analytical Method Development and Validation — A CDMO Perspective - DPT Labs

28-Nov-2012 - Pharmaceutical drug product development can be an expensive and time consuming process. Many challenges are faced by pharmaceutical development companies including developing a scaleable, marketable formulation, ensuring safety and efficacy of the drug product and receiving approval of the drug...
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Smaller pharma companies financially benefitting from CDMO partnerships - Recipharm AB

26-Nov-2012 - In today’s global economy, available financing is increasingly scarce for pharmaceutical companies looking to bring new products to market. Find out how risk-sharing practices initiated by Recipharm have made it possible for customers to closely collaborate and share rewards as...
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Vetter – Answers that work - Vetter Pharma International GmbH

03-Oct-2012 - There are many sides to your product’s success. Build them together at Vetter.Whether your injectable is still at the starting line or in full-scale production, there are possibilities all around you. Thoughtful questions that can open new doors. Precisely planned processes that...
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Pharmaceutical Outsourcing - key success factors - Alkermes

13-Jun-2012 - It is now considered a sound strategic move by pharmaceutical companies, from big pharma to smaller players, to increasingly rely on outsourcing service providers to fulfil specific tasks, solve problems, and improve efficiency and productivity.While engaging in an outsourcing solution...
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Ensuring Quality & Regulatory Compliance w/ Service Providers - DPT Labs

25-Jan-2012 - In recent years, the pharmaceutical industry has given greater priority and attention to quality assurance and regulatory compliance than ever before. With the FDA’s heightened focus on safety, regulatory agencies are increasing their presence in the manufacturing arena to ensure...
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Crystallization – Understanding and developing the process - Solvias AG

28-Nov-2011 - In order to achieve controlled production of a desired polymorphic form it is essential to primarily understand the product and be intimately familiar with the process. Furthermore, scaling up the crystallization process requires an expert team of experienced scientists working...
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Application of a partner-driven approach in winning and maintaining outsourced pharmaceutical business - Alkermes

17-Nov-2011 - Alkermes' Contract Pharma Services provides solid dosage form product development, formulation solutions and manufacturing services for the pharmaceutical market. With a long and successful history in the development and manufacture of pharmaceutical dosage forms for pharmaceutical markets worldwide, previously as...
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Using the Four Pillars to Support Data-Driven Feasibility Success - INC Research

03-Nov-2011 - Download our latest Foresight articleThe challenges of clinical trial recruitment are well-known to drug developers. Yet while difficulties on the macro level are well-recognized, it is the micro-level details that ultimately determine the success or failure of enrollment efforts in...
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Continuous Process Improvement for Solid Oral Dose Development - Colorcon

22-Aug-2011 - Need to improve team collaboration and save time bringing products to market? Then don’t miss this insightful webinar to learn how to expedite excipient selection, transform product design, and achieve product differentiation to gain competitive advantage.
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The Future of Healthcare Management - PBI

20-Jun-2011 - Pacific Biomarkers is a premier biomarker laboratory services provider. We partner with many drug manufacturers to help bring products to market quickly and cost effectively. Dr. Tim Carlson briefly explains our work measuring biomarkers to determine the efficacy and safety...
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Key steps to consider when working with a cdmo to identify optimal packaging options - DPT

28-Mar-2011 - There are many factors to take into consideration when selecting or designing a packaging component. Steps involved during the initial stage of the process are extremely important in ensuring that the most optimal packaging is identified. Working with a contract...
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GxP, World Courier and Clinical Trial Transport - World Courier

21-Mar-2011 - Dr. Rüdiger Lomb, World Courier’s Global Director, Quality & Technical Compliance, discusses regulatory compliance within World Courier and key capabilities that transport providers must possess to ensure a secure pharmaceutical supply chain.

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