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BEPO, the enabling technology to long-acting injectable adoption

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BEPO, the enabling technology to long-acting injectable adoption

Already in clinical stage, BEPO is MedinCell proprietary long-acting injectable (LAI) platform based on a combination of copolymers, solvent and active pharmaceutical ingredient (API). BEPO provides controlled release of API for days, weeks or months from a fully bioresorbable depot that forms after subcutaneous or local administration. As a game-changing technology, BEPO combines the advantages of alternative drug delivery technologies, including improved patient compliance, efficacy and tolerability but also non-invasive administration, versatility, speed of development and low manufacturing costs.


  • Adolfo Lopez Noriega

    Adolfo Lopez Noriega

    R&D group leader


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    Louise Lagerqvist

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    Stephane Lucchini

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