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A Structured Approach to Enhancing Bioavailability for Early Development Phase Molecules

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Drug development cost, lengthier development cycles, and identifying a suitable delivery platform were identified as the top three business challenges by formulation scientists and R&D managers in a recent survey. Recent strides in drug development tools make them a great resource for formulation scientists but as the nature of the drug molecule becomes more complex, a single tool used in silo cannot solve all the challenges.


Demand led supply: A novel clinical supply approach tailored to today’s trials

The nature and scope of clinical research has changed significantly over the past decade. Studies are more complex, globalized and patient-centric than ever. Yet, the processes used to package and ship study drugs to trial sites are stuck in an earlier era, depriving sponsors of clinical supply models with the flexibility, speed and efficiency their programs demand. Now, that may be about to change with the advent of demand led supply (DLS), a clinical supply model tailored to today’s trials.

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