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Analytical Solutions for the Combination Medical Device Development Process

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Analytical Solutions for the Combination Medical Device Development Process.

Billions of patients worldwide benefit from a diverse range of medical devices. The global medical device market in 2011 was approximately $300 billion and is predicted to grow by 4% per year to reach over $400 billion by 2018. Specifically, the European medical device market is estimated to make up 30% of global sales (i.e. $100 billion) and is second only to the US which makes up 40% of the market.

A medical device is an implant, implement, instrument, apparatus, in vitro reagent or other similar article that can diagnose, prevent, monitor, treat and alleviate disease.

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Impurity isolation and sample purification

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Method development – why it matters to get it right

In an industry that is seeing increasing levels of outsourcing, the contract research organisation (CRO) needs to have proven experience in both the pragmatism and flexibility of method development and a regulatory background in validation.

The role of dissolution in drug development

Oral dosage forms remain one of the most flexible and effective treatments available to patients. Dissolution testing is a requirement for all solid oral dosage forms and is used throughout the development life-cycle for product release and stability testing. It is a pivotal analytical test used for detecting physical changes in an active pharmaceutical ingredient and formulated product

The impact of particles on pharmaceuticals

Sometimes it's the smallest details that have the biggest impact on pharmaceutical performance. That's certainly true when it comes down to the properties of particles and their impact on pharmaceutical performance. Subtle changes in particle size, shape and distribution can have a major impact on pharmaceutical solubility, stability and efficacy. 

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