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Alkermes’ successful approach to commercial scale final dosage manufacture of drug product containing highly potent API - Alkermes

17-Mar-2015 - With 45 years’ in the service business, Alkermes Contract Pharma Services, has proven expertise in drug process design  improvements, tech transfer and commercial scale cGMP manufacturing of oral and injectable dosage forms, including the handling of highly potent drug substances.This...
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Global Ethics - what you need to ensure integrity - World Courier

16-Mar-2015 - In a recent World Courier survey, 35% of respondents said that they were aware of bribery in their industries. This may have been acceptable in the past but now ethics, honesty, integrity and the ability to document and demonstrate them...
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The whole blood assay: Detection of broad spectrum of pyrogens & examples of medical device testing - Merck Millipore microbial industry

09-Mar-2015 - Pyrogens in pharmaceuticals, medical devices, biotherapeutics and cosmetics can cause fevers in humans and are potentially life-threatening. Yet standard pyrogen detection methods have drawbacks. The Limulus Amoebocyte Lysate (LAL) test only identifies endotoxins, while the rabbit pyrogen test (RPT) endangers...
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2015 Specialty Logistics Outlook - World Courier

19-Jan-2015 - What facts need a place on your agenda for 2015?Of all the statistics emerging around the global pharmaceutical industry this year, two big numbers capture the attention of both manufacturers and their logistics partners: $248 billion, the amount the “BRIC”...
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Things are “heating up” in temp-controlled shipping - World Courier

24-Nov-2014 - The BRIC nations will account for $248 billion in pharmaceutical Sales by 2016. Global Pharma will spend $8 billion on cold chain logistics in 2014 These numbers demonstrate that as R&D goes, so goes logistics. As products evolve there is a...
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26-Sep-2014 - A child in Australia is critically ill and in immediate need of a drug available only in the United Kingdom. Marken’s team of experts uses its immediate access to validated packaging and airline contacts to secure a direct flight. Through...
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Turning “Oh No” into “No Problem” - World Courier

15-Sep-2014 - With all that’s going on in the world right now it’s vital for us all to have plans in place to deal with the unexpected. We need to be prepared individually, corporately and on a local and global level to...
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Developing a Good Plan B - World Courier

01-Sep-2014 - World Courier is continuously looking out for trouble on a local and global scale.  Areas of conflict that might affect transport routes? A hurricane? A new ash cloud pending? A problem with an airline or airport? In addition to scanning...
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Tightening your Supply Chain against counterfeits - World Courier

27-Jul-2014 - As today’s global pharmaceutical supply chain grows increasingly longer and more complex, each link provides added opportunity for counterfeiters.While pending regulatory changes promise to tighten the supply chain with respect to production and distribution entities and new packaging technologies will...
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Marken Temperature Controlled Vehicles Safely Deliver Drugs to Ukraine - Marken

21-Jul-2014 - Marken continues to make safe, timely deliveries of medical supplies and investigational drugs to Ukraine during this time of great civil unrest. Marken recently transported 10 pallets of medical supply kits from the United Kingdom to Kiev.  Its team of...
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Supply Chain Solutions for the Growing Orphan Drug Market - Marken

23-Jun-2014 - Marken recognizes the pharma industry’s increased focus on rare disease treatments and the complexity of safely transporting them to patients residing in multiple countries, each with its own unique customs and regulatory requirements. Marken’s Direct to Patient service utilizes its...
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Learn the risk factors of metabolic syndrome and the role central labs play in aiding its detection - ACM Global Central Laboratory

17-Jun-2014 - Metabolic syndrome, a serious condition impacting adults and children in all genders, races and ethnicities, can lead to fatal outcomes if not detected and treated. The key risk factors of metabolic syndrome were identified approximately 250 years ago. However, there...
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Customs Warehouses Benefit Clinical Trial Supply Chain - Marken

11-Jun-2014 - Marken’s new customs-bonded warehouse within the Marken depot in Frankfurt, Germany allows Marken to store pharmaceuticals with an origin outside the European Union (EU) and distribute them to non-EU countries without undergoing the EU importation procedure for pharmaceuticals.
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Are there Any Markets left to Emerge? - World Courier

02-Jun-2014 - North America, Western Europe and—to a lesser extent—Australasia once served as prime locations for the majority of research. But these Western markets are approaching saturation, which has led to a lack of naive patients who are available and willing to...
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Global Shipping Success with Active Containers - World Courier

12-May-2014 - It is the dead of winter in the northern hemisphere and the height of summer in the southern, with external temperature fluctuations exceeding 50 degrees. Flight delays have added precious days to the transport of your multi-million dollar shipment of...
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Shipping with Active Packaging Containers - World Courier

22-Apr-2014 - It is the dead of winter in the northern hemisphere and the height of summer in the southern, with external temperature fluctuations exceeding 50 degrees. Flight delays have added precious days to the transport of your multi-million dollar shipment of...
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High Potency Manufacturing - Key selection criteria when evaluating an outsourcing partner - Alkermes

08-Apr-2014 - Many companies are choosing to outsource the manufacture of their highly potent compounds.  A provider of contract pharma services in high potent manufacturing, Alkermes Contract Pharma Services, outlines elements that should be considered  when outsourcing secondary processing (i.e. dosage form...
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A year on, EU GDP’s affect on European Pharma Distribution - World Courier

24-Mar-2014 - World Courier welcomed the EU GDP guidelines, which created a yardstick by which logistics providers could be measured and compared.  A year on from the draft publication it is now fully in force and there has already been an update...
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Forecasting strategies to optimize clinical trials - Almac Group

03-Mar-2014 - In a market that is constantly evolving, where rising complexities and costs associated with product development and clinical trial conduct present new clinical supply chain challenges, conventional forecasting methods may not provide an adequate solution.  Add to this the increasing...
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Ensuring cold chain remains cold and controlled room temp remains controlled! - World Courier

24-Feb-2014 - The first of ten new vehicles have been delivered to World Courier Ground Europe, and in line with the requirements of the regulations for pharmaceutical distribution have undergone qualification testing for frozen, refrigerated and controlled room temperature conditions at extreme...

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