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World Courier

World Courier

With a fully integrated GxP-compliant transport, storage and distribution system in place and over 140 wholly-owned ISO 9001-certified offices in more than 50 countries, WORLD COURIER is the world’s largest and most experienced specialty courier company. It is uniquely positioned to meet the most demanding industry requirements for managing time- and temperature-sensitive clinical trial materials used in global studies.

For over three decades, World Courier has set the industry standard for delivering customised global transport services to pharmaceutical and clinical trial professionals − providing transport, cold chain and logistical solutions for thousands of international clinical trials.

World Courier’s fully integrated GxP-compliant service system encompasses:

  • the temperature-controlled transport of investigational drugs, biological samples and ancillary supplies to over 220 nations and territories worldwide
  • GMP-compliant temperature-controlled investigational drug storage and distribution depots in 13 strategic and emerging markets (Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Chile, China, Colombia, India, México, Perú, Russia, South Africa, Singapore and Japan)
  • a worldwide team of temperature specialists experienced with a full range of thermal containment products
  • an independent global Quality Assurance team that monitors quality on a local, regional and corporate level

Through this service system, World Courier:

  • delivers true process control to the pharmaceutical industry
  • ensures the integrity and stability of investigational drugs and biological samples used in global clinical trials
  • guarantees the availability of independently verifiable data
  • supports the industry’s need to successfully qualify suppliers and sub-contractors participating in their supply chain

In 2012, WORLD COURIER was acquired by AmerisourceBergen Corporation, one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical services companies. Serving the U.S., Canada and selected global markets, AmerisourceBergen provides a suite of value-added services that focus exclusively on enhancing the effectiveness of the pharmaceutical supply chain.