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Pacific Biomarkers, Inc.

Pacific Biomarkers, Inc.

Established in 1989, PBI provides specialized central laboratory and contract research services to support pharmaceutical and diagnostic manufacturers conducting human clinical trial research. The company provides expert services in the areas of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, arthritis, and inflammatory diseases. The PBI laboratory is accredited by the College of American Pathologists, and through its non-profit affiliate Pacific Biometrics Research Foundation, is one of only three U.S.-based members of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Cholesterol Reference Method Laboratory Network. PBI's clients include many of the world's largest pharmaceutical, biotech, and diagnostic companies.

Pacific Biomarkers, Inc., incorporated February 1, 2008 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Pacific Biometrics, Inc., focuses specifically on the emerging field of biomarker assay development and testing. Services include validating and performing ligand-binding assays for novel clinical biomarkers, immunogenicity testing, and multiplex testing.

A critical requirement for these services is a high level of scientific expertise coupled with excellent problem-solving skills, and Pacific Biomarkers’ scientists embody those qualities.

Sponsors call for a high level of technical and scientific expertise, since each proprietary assay is essentially a custom job. There are very few commercial labs that have the scientific infrastructure, regulatory accreditation, and clinical trials experience to provide these types of services. Together with extensive relationships within both pharma and diagnostic companies, Pacific Biomarkers is uniquely positioned to penetrate this market by leveraging the 19-year history of the parent company, PBI, in providing esoteric lab services.

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  • Phone: 206.298.0068
  • Fax: 206.298.9838
  • Website: Pacific Biomarkers, Inc.
  • Address: 220 West Harrison St. , 98119, Seattle, United States of America