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Cedarburg Hauser's DEA Approval Brings Niche Manufacturing Home

28-Feb-2013 - Cedarburg Hauser says US CDMOs are focusing on “niche fields” in order to gain a competitive advantage on foreign competition.

People on the Move: Outsourcing Jobs

28-Feb-2013 - presents its latest round-up of the movers and shakers in the pharma service industry.

Profectus Shifts to US CMO for DNA Vaccine Production

28-Feb-2013 - Profectus BioSciences has signed up San Diego-based CMO Althea Technologies to manufacture DNA vaccines after its deal with Boehringer Ingelheim ended due to currency issues.

BIO, PhRMA Blast FDA Draft Guidance on E-Subs for Trial Site Data

28-Feb-2013 - Industry groups BIO and PhRMA are airing their discontents about US FDA draft guidance that could force sponsors to submit redundant clinical datasets for each trial site and waste time...

Covance Moves Further into Personalized Medicine with Collaboration

27-Feb-2013 - CRO Covance is teaming up with M2Gen’s cancer-focused database to increase its ability to match more patients in oncology trials based on their tumour profiles. 

South Africa & Lonza Venture Hits Delay on API Facility Construction

27-Feb-2013 - A South African and Lonza joint project says issues in funding, competitiveness and green technologies have delayed construction of its API plant.

Albemarle Expands Manufacturing Capacity in Pennsylvania

27-Feb-2013 - Albemarle is adding new capacity at its manufacturing facility in Pennsylvania with a $30 million expansion.

Hospira Recalls Lots of Five Injections as FDA Re-Inspection Continues

27-Feb-2013 - Hospira has announced it is voluntarily recalling multiple lots of five different injections  because of customer reports of faulty packaging and contamination. 

Distribution Deals: GVKBIO in Taiwan; Sanofi in Austria

26-Feb-2013 - GVK Biosciences says it is looking to target Taiwanese clients following a distribution deal with GGA over its clinical databases.

Outsourcing Acquisitions from Eurofins, Illumina, McKesson

26-Feb-2013 - Eurofins, Illumina and McKesson have gone shopping and are showing off their new purchases – welcome to’s acquisition round-up.

Icon Beats Q4 Estimates, Prepares for Revenue Uptick in 2013

26-Feb-2013 - Ireland-based CRO Icon unveiled higher than expected revenue and backlog increases in 2012 when compared to 2011, and the company expects even stronger results in 2013.

West: Proprietary Products Propped by Packaging and Manufacturing

25-Feb-2013 - West Pharmaceuticals says it is still intent on shifting to proprietary products following results from its packaging and contract manufacturing businesses.

Dispatches from Informex

Biopharma CMO Market’s Recent Downturn Could be Short-Lived

25-Feb-2013 - Biopharmaceutical CMOs have seen their business slowly shrink as companies seek less volume and smaller batches, but outsourcing is expected to increase over the next three years.

BASF says Bend Accord Targets Different Chemistries than Dow deal

25-Feb-2013 - Bend Research has partnered with its second chemistry major in six months, teaming up with BASF to develop bioavailability-boosting excipients.

Recipharm Says Developing Trust is Key to Taking on Contracts

25-Feb-2013 - Recipharm says taking on a contract started by another CMO is an exercise in building trust and gathering information as rapidly as possible.

News in brief

Lonza wins $7m US NIH stem cell contract

21-Feb-2013 - Lonza has won a second US NIH contract to manufacture stem cells for medical research.

CiToxLAB Beats Preclinical Market Trends

21-Feb-2013 - CiToxLAB says strong revenue growth in 2012 was due to a new global status following its acquisition of Lab Research.

People on the Move: Outsourcing Jobs

21-Feb-2013 - presents its latest round-up of the movers and shakers in the pharma service industry.

Collaboration With Britest Already Paying Off Says Aesica

21-Feb-2013 - UK CMO Aesica claims its partnership with process innovation group Britest has already increased capacity without capital investment. 

ProBioGen in ADCC Enhancement License Deal with Big Pharma

20-Feb-2013 - CMO ProBioGen says its GlymaxX ADCC antibody enhancement technology can be adapted to any biomanufacturing cell line and will attract both Big and Small Pharma.

Dispatches from Informex

Intermediate CMOs Shift Attention to Nucleoside Development

20-Feb-2013 - CMOs (contract manufacturing organizations) developing pharmaceutical intermediates have shifted their focus to complex nucleosides, peptides and carbohydrates over the last five years, an expert says.

Almac says newly approved lab will support US inhaler and IBS drug launch

20-Feb-2013 - Almac says its newly approved laboratory will support US commercial launch of two new products.


Baxter Expands its Cytotoxicity Capabilities - Again

19-Feb-2013 - Baxter says there is a trend towards outsourcing for cytotoxic manufacturing as it begins further expansion of its German plant.

Biocatalysis Becoming Big Business for CMOs

19-Feb-2013 - Biocatalysis is emerging as a hot topic for CMOs in 2013 with AMRI, Almac and DSM all citing drug industry demand as the driver for recent collaborations.

Pfizer to Cut Another Research Unit, Lay Off 100 Employees

19-Feb-2013 - In its second announcement of a closing research unit in little more than a week, Pfizer will axe its peptide therapeutic R&D unit CovX Research in San Diego, CA and...

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