Waters unveils new products at ASMS

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Canadian chromatography and mass spectrometry specialist Waters has
introduced a series of new products at the ongoing ASMS meeting in
Montreal, Canada

Canadian chromatography and mass spectrometry specialist Waters​ has introduced a series of new products at the ongoing Annual Conference of Mass Spectrometry and Allied Topics in Montreal, Canada.

The new lines include the Quattro Premier, Waters' newest high-end quadrupole mass spectrometer intended for scientists doing high-sensitivity quantitative analyses in the pharmaceutical and other industries. The system occupies one-third less bench space than its predecessor and will start shipping in the third quarter of this year.

"The key to this new instrument is [its] new T-Wave travelling wave technology that provides significant improvements in ion transmission and collision cell performance, allowing the system to scan at much faster speeds for enhanced resolution and sensitivity​," said Waters in a statement.

In another addition to its range, Waters has also introduced a time-of-flight (ToF) mass spectrometer, the LCT Premier, designed for routine, automated exact mass measurements for the identification of compounds. Primary applications for the LCT Premier include natural product identification, drug metabolism studies (ADME), impurity analysis, intact protein analysis and high throughput compound confirmation screening, according to the firm. Waters says that the new product offers increased transmission, resolution, and dynamic range compared to rival systems.

The third new mass spectrometer launched at the ASMS by Waters is the Metabonomics MS System, claimed by the firm to be "the industry's first end-to-end, single-vendor, exact mass LC/MS solution for metabonomic investigations​." Primary applications include the elucidation of metabolic pathways that are impacted by drug or environmental exposure.

Waters has also introduced NanoEase, a new line of 75µm and 100µm nanoscale chromatography columns for protein and peptide separations for mass spectrometry applications that offers optimised packing protocols.

Meantime, Waters and Ionalytics have announced the signing of a partnership agreement that allows Waters to market, sell and support the Ionalytics Selectra as a front-end instrument to the Canadian firm's Micromass mass spectrometry systems. Selectra features a dynamic ion-filtering capability that can provide an additional dimension of ion separation, leading to clearer analytical results as a result of reduced chemical background noise, separation of isobaric interferences and improved detection limits.

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