Metrohm launches chromatography degasser

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Metrohm has launched a new product, called the 837 Combi Degasser,
designed to remove bubbles in eluents used in ion chromatography

Metrohm of Switzerland's UK subsidiary has launched a new degassing machine, called the 837 Combi Degasser, that is designed to remove bubbles in eluents used in ion chromatography.

In chromatography columns, the presence of bubbles can produce an unstable baseline, as the high-pressure pumps used can transport liquids but not gases, compromising results. A similar problem is encountered when samples which already contain gas bubbles or which could release gas are to be measured and, in such cases, it is also necessary to remove the gas phase first, said the company.

Metrohm UK noted that, using the 837 Combi Degasser, both the degassing of the eluents and the degassing of the samples can be carried out manually, for example with a water-jet vacuum pump or automatically using the company's 837 IC Eluent Degasser product. Time-consuming manual eluent and solvent degassing are no longer necessary.

The degasser module is simply included between the eluent and IC pump or between the sample and the injection valve. The eluent and sample then flow through Teflon-AF capillaries which are located in separate vacuum chambers, and the vacuum removes even microscopically small gas bubbles, excess carbon dioxide or nitrogen.

The device is equipped with a total of three vacuum chambers so that two eluent flows and one sample flow can be degassed simultaneously.

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