GSK starts energy reduction programme

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GlaxoSmithKline has enlisted the aid of the UK government in a
program aimed at reducing energy expenditures at six primary
manufacturing sites.

GlaxoSmithKline has entered into partnership with a UK government organisation in a programmed aimed at reducing energy use at the pharmaceutical company's six Primary Supply manufacturing sites across the country.

The partnership, with Carbon Trust, aims to help GSK Primary Supply make reductions in energy use and carbon dioxide emissions at its manufacturing sites.

Carbon Trust​ provides UK businesses and industry with advice on reducing carbon emissions through its Action Energy programme, which helps businesses and public sector organisations cut their costs through the provision of free, professional advice and assistance.

One of the primary aims of the programme is to assist GSK in understanding the impact of the government's climate change policy on its business.

In particular, the partnership will be designed to deliver detailed surveys throughout GSK's UK manufacturing sites and practical training sessions to reduce the impact of energy intensive processes.

Commenting on the move, David Featherston, regional energy manager for GSK Primary Supply, said: "By reducing our energy consumption, the benefits could be considerable financially and on an environmental level, with better employee awareness leading to an increased overall commitment to sustainable development."

Carbon Trust said it will use the findings and experience from this partnership to further improve delivery of programmes promoting energy efficiency and carbon dioxide emissions reduction, both in the pharmaceutical industry and elsewhere.

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