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Next week's Society for Biomolecular Screening annual meeting will
once again be a showcase for dozens of new products in the drug
discovery arena. We preview some of the highlights.

Next week's Society for Biomolecular Screening meeting, one of the highlights of the drug discovery calendar, looks set once again to be a showcase for dozens of new products from leading vendors in the industry.

Some of the highlighted products at the annual conference, which takes place on 21-25 September in Portland, Oregon, include:

Applera subsidiary Applied Biosystems​ will launch the 8500 Affinity Chip Analyzer at the SBS, a system that delivers comparative, quantitative affinity ranking of biologically relevant binding events in a high throughput format, and enables researchers to detect and measure up to 400 antibody binding interactions simultaneously in less than two hours. It is based on Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR), which provides label-free, high throughput, real-time analysis of binding interactions of antibodies and other proteins to biomolecules. Its primary applications will be antibody affinity determination, identification of matched antibody pairs, and peptide epitope mapping.

Beckman Coulter​ is showcasing what it describes as "a complete integrated solution for lead optimisation."​ The product - the Biomek FX Assay Workstation - combines the liquid handling and plate manipulation capabilities of Beckman's Biomek FX system with the firm's SAMI scheduling software for automated biological assays.

For cell migration, chemotaxis and invasion assays, BD Biosciences​ is introducing the BD Falcon HTS FluoroBlok 96-Multiwell Insert System. This is a cell culture assay platform composed of a black Multiwell Insert Plate with a fluorescence blocking, microporous PET (polyethylene terephthalate) membrane, and a 96-well receiver plate and lid. The 96-Multiwell Insert plate format is compatible with standard fluorescence plate readers, robots, and fluid handling instruments.

CyBio​ is showcasing its CyBi-SIENA intelligent software for automated quality control and correction of systematic errors in high-throughput screening data. The company is also introducing a completely new product, the CyBi-NanoJet.

Version 2.0 of Genedata​'s new Screener software will be demonstrated at the SBS exhibition. The software suite eases and automates data analysis in HTS and pharmacological profiling by standardising and optimising the screening data analysis process from primary HTS and secondary validation screening to compound profiling and lead optimisation, according to the firm. The new version of the Screener package extends coverage of the screening workflow by incorporating the analysis of hit confirmation screens, dose-response- and high-content assays, said GeneData.

The SBS Annual Conference and Exhibition​ brings together delegates in the pharmaceutical, biotech and agrochemical industries from around the world. Since its debut in 1995 the event has grown, attracting more than 2,000 attendees and 170 exhibitors in 2002.

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