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Technology transfer company BTG has licensed a new computer-based
model that can identify a key cause of drug failure at the compound
screening stage.

The company says the model could provide an affordable and accurate system for predicting whether new therapeutics interact with cytochrome P450 enzymes involved in drug metabolism.

Cytochrome P450s modify foreign molecules found in the blood. In some cases, these modifications can have toxic results or may make the drug ineffective against the target disease. BTG's Lewis P450 Models allow drug companies to assess potential drug interactions using a computer to determine which drug candidates should be ruled out of a drug development program, or for promising candidates, what further R&D is required.

In addition to allowing timely screening of potential reactions between drug candidates and certain liver enzymes, the Lewis P450 Models have also proved predictive on several occasions - which represents a significant advance in 3D molecular modeling, according to BTG.

The models were developed in the laboratory of David Lewis, Professor of Structural Biology at the University of Surrey in the UK.

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