New In-Cap handles small volumes

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Isopak of the UK will be unveiling the latest version of the
automatic benchtop In-Cap capsule-filling machine at the Total
Solutions show in Birmingham, UK, in the spring.

The In-Cap, originally developed by Italian company Dott Bonapace​, is already used in pharmacies, hospitals and R&D laboratories for clinical trials, as well as small batch and special production runs.

The new version can handle powder drug quantities from as little as 50g to 3 litres, and capsule fill weights as low as 12 micrograms. A liquid filling station gives fill weights from 0.15 to 1000mg for hot, cold and viscous liquids.

"The new low volume hopper means the machine can operate with as little as 50gm of product - a great advantage when the product in use is very expensive or difficult to obtain,"​ said Isopak.

Isopak​ notes that the updated In-Cap can also be linked to the recently introduced Bonapace BD 3000 capsule banding machine which will be on show for the first time in the UK at the Total show. The BD 3000 is a compact, stand alone automatic machine allowing liquidfilled, hard gelatine capsules to be sealed effectively to prevent leaks.

At the exhibition​, Isopak will be demonstrating how the In-Cap can be used to handle a production run of capsules intended for use in blinded trials with a new individual tablet filling unit. The automated system allows individually-packaged, unmarked tablets or capsules to be produced for use in blind trials.

Sachet solution

Also making its UK debut is the SBP-4 sachet filler, intended as a budget product for small-scale production and clinical trials. Isopak notes that using the machine, sachets can be produced without the need for investment in large scale equipment.

The SBP-4 can produce single dose bags of powders, liquids, creams, capsules or tablets, and has an output of up to 4000 bags per hour depending onthe product.

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