Pharmatron automates tablet-testing line

Switzerland's Dr Schleuniger Pharmatron has launched a new handling
system for its 8M testing machine that reduces the amount of
operator time to conduct quality control of the weight, thickness,
diameter and hardness of tablets.

The HS8 is designed to free up operators' time in the QC or process control laboratory by allowing a batch of tablets to be loaded into the machine and tested without any additional manual intervention. The HS8 lifts tablets automatically from a carousel using an air vacuum and transfers them in turn to the testing station.

Using the 8M on its own, operators had to manually insert tablets into the machine, one after another.

Tablet thickness is measured in the HS8 by a contact-free laser sensor, and the pill can then be transported to an optional weighing cell within the HS8. Thereafter, the tablet moves into the 8M device for diameter and hardness testing. Modifications to the HS8 carousel can be made to cope with any tablets that have an irregular shape, such as a shield, heart or teddy bear.

Pharmatron​ notes that existing 8M customers can add the HS8 as an upgrade - the 8M is simply slotted into the HS8 frame to add in the automated functions.

Additional information on the new product is available by contacting Pharmatron​.

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