Illumina delivers BeadStation to customers

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Illumina has announced today its latest system for performing DNA
analysis using the company's proven SNP genotyping technology was
being shipped worldwide to customers,writes Wai Lang Chu.

The BeadStation 500G is targeted at individual research groups and core laboratories working to throughput requirements of between 6,000 to 300,000 genotypes per day.

It is an end-to-end (genomic DNA to called genotypes) benchtop solution that integrates a multiplexed assay, multi-sample microarrays, a sub-micron-resolution scanner and SNP scoring software.

The system can analyse samples on either of two complementary, bead-based array platforms: the 16-sample Sentrix Beadchip and the 96-sample Sentrix Array Matrix.

Jay Flatley, Illumina​ President and CEO, said:" The BeadStation 500G will enable individual researchers and core laboratories to significantly expand their sample throughput while gaining the genotyping accuracy and cost benefits that approximate those currently available only on Illumina's production-scale BeadLab."

The company's proprietary BeadArray technology - now used in leading genomic centres around the world - provides the throughput and flexibility to enable researchers in the pharmaceutical industries to perform the tests necessary to extract medically valuable information from advances in genomics and proteomics.

"Customers in any size lab will now have access to the power of Illumina's BeadArray technology and be able to use it with current and future products in our growing portfolio,"​ Flatley added.

By installing additional hardware, the 500G can easily be upgradedto a BeadStation 500GX which expands the system's capabilities to include gene expression profiling of whole genomes.

Illumina's commercialisation of the 500G builds on their range of scalable, multi-application systems. At the basic end of the scale is the Sentrix Array Matrix, the Sentrix Beadchip, the BeadArray Reader and the Oligator - capable of DNA synthesis.

The BeadStation system addresses moderate-throughput requirements and complements Illumina's top of the range production-scale Beadlab. Both systems can be scaled in multiple dimensions, performing SNP genotyping or gene expression experiments on the same platform.

Pricing for the BeadStation 500G begins at approximately $250,000 (208k Euros).

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