Scie-Plas extends gel electrophoresis range

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A new range of vertical gel units which have been designed for DNA
sequencing and large format vertical gel electrophoresis
applications, have been introduced by UK firm Scie-Plas, a
subsidiary of Biochrom.

These vertical gel units are designed to be easy to use and incorporate features which simplify the set-up and running of the gels, used to separate DNA and proteins, while retaining gel resolution and quality.

Two sizes are available, the TVS1000, measuring 20x50cm for long separations and the TVS1400, 33x41cm for high sample capacities.Both units have integral counterbalanced seals which ensure uniform gel thickness and sample migration, essential requirements for accurate and straight sample migration in very large, thin gels, according to Scie-Plas.

A spokesman for the company told​ that the new products are much larger than mini or standard gels, which increases the number of of bands which can be separated out. This makes it particularly suitable for proteomics applications which can involve extremely complex mixtures.

Other features of the products are a heat sink aluminium back plate that ensures uniform heat dispersion across the gel, preventing any heat induced lane distortions or other sample migration distortions such as blurring, smiling or frowning of bands.

And to further enhance resolution, or to provide temperature control of the gel, an optional cooling kit is available. This allows the temperature of the gel to be set at a constant value, while an integral fan switches on to cool the gel when a maximum level is reached. This accessory allows gels to be run at much higher voltages while retaining resolution and gel quality.

Previously used exclusively for DNA sequencing, lab users have expanded the range of applications for large format vertical gel systems and they are now being used more extensively in the field of proteomics and other molecular biology applications.

With this in mind Scie-Plas​ has added a new range of accessories specifically designed for protein gel analysis. These include thicker spacers and a wider range of square tooth combs.

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