New granulator from L B Bohle

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Germany's L B Bohle, a specialist in dispensing, granulating and
milling equipment, has introduced a new granulator for
pharmaceutical applications that allows for continuous throughput
of materials.

The BCG Continuous Granulator, combines granulating, drying and milling in a single operation, and allows for the production of formulations with active concentrations as high as 96 per cent.

The higher active content allows for a smaller, easier-to-swallow tablet using a significantly lower volume of excipient, which should cut costs wile making the product more patient-friendly, according to the company​.

One of the main features of the new system is a kneading action - said to be unique - which allows the introduction of water and enables the granulation of even hydrophobic active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). The system also enables the introduction of specific amounts of nitrogen gas into the granulation, and this allows the user to determine the porosity of the granules, which expands formulation capabilities.

The BCG Continuous Granulator is constructed to meet the US Food and Drug Administration's 21 CFR Part 11 requirements on electronic record keeping, and is entirely constructed in stainless steel.

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