mPLC system speeds up oligo purity testing

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A microfluidic analytical system developed by Nanostream has been
used to assess the purity of oligonucleotides around 16 times as
quickly as conventional high performance liquid chromatography.

The company has reported a study at this week's Tides 2004​ conference in Las Vegas, US, which shows that the micro parallel liquid chromatography (mPLC) product, called the Veloce, carried out purity assessment much faster than HPLC on samples in a standard 384-well microplate. This type of assessment is used in a number of molecular biology techniques such as cloning and ligation.

The data resulting from routine quality control of synthetic oligonucleotides using the Veloce system is within 4 per cent of the results obtained from HPLC - indicating that it is as reliable as the gold-standard method - and demonstrates good retention time reproducibility, efficiency and resolution, according to the firm.

The Veloce system includes instrumentation, software and 24-column microfludic Brio cartridges and uses pressure-driven flow to achieve chromatograms comparable to HPLC, with up to 24 samples being tested in parallel in a single run. It was launched earlier this year, according to Nanostream​.

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