New automated pipettor from Tomtec

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Tomtec has launched a new multipurpose pipetting workstation that
can handle tiny volumes (down to less than 1 microlitre) and has
features that allows the automation of a number of routine
laboratory liquid handling tasks.

The Quadra3 DSV is designed for cellular assays and features interchangeable pipette heads, two standard bi-directional cassette stackers and two plate stacker cassettes that can handle lidded microplates.

Behind the head there is a new lid-handling device that can be programmed to remove the lid only for pipetting operations. This assures the user that the contents of the microplate are only exposed for the shortest possible time, reducing the effects of evaporation that can have a significant effect on results at these low fluid quantities.

Tomtec notes that the Quadra3 has automated attachment and removal of small volume disposable pipette tips in both 96 and 384 well microplates.

This makes it particularly suitable for applications such as the automation of filtration protocols, plasmid purification in genomics research and isolation/purification procedures in polymerase chain reaction (PCR) procedures and proteomics.

The company has technical notes on its website​ for these applications.

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