Tecan introduces Freedom EVO 75

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Swiss life sciences company Tecan has launched the Freedom EVO 75,
a compact laboratory liquid handling system for medium throughput
applications which represents another addition to the EVO family
and its range of liquid handling platforms.

Tecan has launched the compact robotic platform Freedom EVO 75 for a variety of applications in genomics, proteomics and particularly drug discovery. This includes compound synthesis, high throughput screening (HTS), ultra-high throughput screening (uHTS) and compound weighing and dilution.

Automated assays for absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion and toxicity (ADMET) include, micosome and hepatocyte metabolic stability assays blood brain barrier permeability, CYP450 isoform identification and serum protein binding.

A spokesman for Tecan​ said: "Freedom EVO 75 is the entry level product in automation. Due to the fact that the product is a part of a scalable product line, customers can expand their system for future need to higher throughput and to any other decksize easily and economically."

Freedom EVO 75's compact bench-top size is ideal for laboratories where space is limited. It uses the same software - Freedom EVOware - and major mechanical and electronic components as the larger members of the EVO family.

Freedom EVOware is suitable for laboratories working under the FDA's 21 CFR part 11 regulations that involve multilevel user management, full audit trail, electronic records and electronic signatures. Multi-plate runs are fully supported in Freedom EVOware as is its full compatibility with Magellan, Tecan's data reduction software.

By sharing the software as well as the major mechanical and electronic components, the freedom is provided for EVO platforms to interact with other Tecan devices for detection, separation, plate handling and storage as well as other third party devices. The Freedom EVO 75 also supports the use of fixed tips as well as disposable ones.

The spokesman added: "This system will be mostly used as an entry level automation product in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. But also universities and governmental research labs will profit form this product."

The Freedom EVO range offers liquid handling systems with deck sizes ranging from 75, 100, 150 up to 200cm to meet different user requirements and throughput needs.

According to the spokesman, the system's main advantage was 'the price-performance ratio', which allows entry-level customers to automate their assays and to switch to a bigger system if throughput is increasing (e.g. Freedom EVO 100, 150 and 200).

The system is also designed to allow carriers, racks, detection devices and washers to be integrated, to provide configurations that can automate a number of laboratory procedures.

The range is now available with prices starting from €20 000, depending on application needs.

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