Spot Detector BioApplication software launched

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Cellomics has launched a new image analysis software module that
allows scientists performing drug discovery and basic science
research to analyse a broad variety of cell-based assays in as
little as five minutes.

The Spot Detector Bioapplication can perform assays such as mitotic index, cell proliferation and viability, and receptor internalisation making it ideal for detecting activation of GPCRs (G-Protein Coupled Receptors).

The BioApplication image analysis software, when applied to early drug discovery, reduces the 'idea-to-discovery'​ cycle time, increasing probability of therapeutic success of leads as well as throughput in systems biology and basic research.

The technology is a versatile image analysis algorithm allowing scientists performing drug discovery and basic science research combining advanced object selection, processing, and other features into a streamlined assay.

Dr. Jeffrey R. Haskins, VP of technology and product development at Cellomics said: "Using Spot Detector to analyze GPCRs on the ArrayScan VTI, we can screen over 20,000 wells a day."

Cellomics​ developed the Spot Detector Bioapplication in response to increasing demand for technologies that enable testing of potential new drugs directly in cells - called cell-based assays. It enables researchers to view cell function in real time and to observe the biological changes that occur when a drug compound enters a cell.

Cellomics' thinking on a strategic level has led them to create a unique service, offering new rental plans for accessing BioApplication modules called the CellSelect Rental Plan. This new plan offers complete systems for High Content Screening, providing flexibility for scientists developing high-content assays.

This plan gives customers the budget flexibility and scientific tools needed for utilization of HCS resources. Dr. Sarah Tencza, product manager for BioApplications at Cellomics commented: "The rental plan will benefit customers reducing initial investment required for HCS. Current customers benefit from the ability to access the latest BioApplication software at a fixed monthly cost."

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