Loma launches X-ray unit for smaller products

Loma Systems unveil a new entry-level X-ray inspection unit suited
for smaller products at a price that allows packagers to enter the
market, with the technology available at a 50 per cent price
reduction over traditional X-ray units.

Ideal applications for the Sentry XR include smaller profile products in high-speed applications. This includes pharmaceutical blister packs, candy bars, individual baked goods and small frozen meal components, said the company.

It claims that the Sentry XR overcomes the problem of products relying on aluminium foil as a packaging component by incorporating an innovative new, low-power X-ray source to maximise inspection capability while keeping costs to a minimum.

For smaller companies producing products without foil as a packaging component, tight budgets have restricted them to the use of traditional metal detectors.

X-ray systems are unaffected by metallic packaging with the additional benefit of finding ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel; glass; stones, ceramic and cement; calcified bones; polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and Teflon fluoropolymers; natural rubber; and product or spice clumps.

A new electronic self-cooling system provides a solid-state design tat requires less maintenance than traditionally used oil pumps and radiator systems in a fraction of the space. Setup and calibration is dramatically reduced via Cintex's patented IDC electronics.

The system can detect product contamination and package assembly errors at conveyor speeds of up to 300 feet per minute, inspecting as many as 600 packaging units in the same timeframe.

It detects foreign objects such as metal, shards of glass, stones, bone, rubber and other dense foreign materials contaminating products packed in cartons, cans, plastic and glass. Simultaneously, the system detects product voids and underfills, as well as damaged containers, and it can also verify that package components and product composition conform to specifications, according to the firm.

The Sentry XR is being sold under the Cintex brand, which is being marketed in North and South America by Loma Systems.

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