Quadrant launches colour range for acetal stockshapes

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Quadrant Engineering Plastics Products (EPP) has launched a range
of standard colours for extruded acetal stockshapes in response to
increasing market demand for products that enable and enhance
colour identity.

The company claims that the products deliver all the same performance qualities of Quadrant EPP's range of acetal materials, including an excellent ratio of weight/strength performance, a low coefficient of friction and good abrasion resistance. The Ertacetal product line is also known for its excellent machinability.

Acetal resins are highly crystalline plastics based on formaldehyde polymerization technology. These engineering resins are strong, rigid, and have good moisture, heat, and solvent resistance.

Industrial applications of acetal homopolymer include couplings, pump impellers, conveyor plates, gears, sprockets, and springs.

But Quadrant's new line has been developed to deliver several additional benefits related specifically to colour. Companies need to distinguish themselves in an increasingly competitive market, and colour offers a simple visual approach to brand recognition.

Standard colours can quickly determine whether a faulty part originated at a company's factories or those of a competitor, and ordering materials and parts in standard colours simplifies many customer designs and processes by removing guesswork about colour consistency and accuracy during later product development stages.

In addition, Quadrant argues that pre-coloured materials and parts simplify design of colour-coded systems that require multiple parts to be accurately changed out or replaced. Colour-coding parts not only helps customers avoid accidental mistakes in assembly processes, it can also improve safety, facilitate product inspections, and save time.

Quadrant now offers customers with a broad selection of acetal stock shapes in a range of seven standard colours beyond the black and white. The new colours include red, blue, yellow, green, orange, brown and grey.

Customers can select from these standard colours instead of formulating their own custom colours. All of the new Ertacetal colours meet the requirements of FDA Regulation 21 CFR, Section 177.2470 (e)(1),(2).

Quadrant Engineering Plastic Products​ (QEPP) is a global manufacturer of engineering plastics in stock shapes (rod, plate, tube) for machining. Other specialities include custom nylon castings and finished parts.

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