Ultrasonic Scientific launches 'first of its kind' analyser

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Ultrasonic Scientific has released an ultrasonic analyser,
described as the 'first of its kind' as the only ultrasonic
analyser of sedimentation stability. The product brings the
benefits of ultrasound to the pharmaceutical, food and beverage and
cosmetics industry.

Ultrasonic spectroscopy is a non-destructive technique that is based on measurements of parameters of high-frequency sound waves propagating through analysed samples. These waves propagate through most materials including opaque samples (down to a volume of 0.03mL) and allow direct probing of intermolecular forces.

The HR-US Colloid Stability Analyser is unique as it can be pressurised up to 10 bars, allowing analysis of liquids with low boiling points and liquids at high temperatures (above boiling point).

The analyser can analyse emulsions and suspensions, providing a valuable tool for R&D and process development scientists and QA/QC analysts, said the company.

Unlike traditional techniques, Ultrasonic Scientifics' analyser provides quantitative measurements, allowing information to be gathered on particle size, particle concentration and rate of sedimentation/creaming and degree of flocculation/aggregation in suspensions.

The launch of the analyser attempts to address the problems that have addressed the use of ultrasound as an analytical tool in material analysis. Previous instruments of this nature have been held back with problems in ultrasonic design, electronics, sample handling, complicated measuring procedures and resolution.

Recent advances in computing power and digital techniques have made it possible to design versatile laboratory equipment with applications ranging from ceramics to polymer science to cell biology and emulsions.

The analyser can also perform non-destructive and small sample analysis. In addition, this instrument enables the analysis of opaque materials and provides data processing algorithms.

The small sample requirement saves the cost of analysis, which is a key issue in pharmaceutical, biotechnological and biomedical industries and research.

The HR-US Colloid Stability Analyser is available now from Ultrasonic Scientifics' website.

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